7 Steps to a Winning Website Marketing Strategy

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Website Marketing: Why Should I Care?

If you have no idea where to start when marketing your business online, start with your website. It’s the end-all-be-all & no we’re not being dramatic. It’s so important. In fact, your website should be numbers 1, 2, and 3 on your marketing to-do list. Yes, it’s that important. Did I mention website marketing is important?

Your website is your central hub for all things “you.” Think about your website as the sun. Your social media presence, products & services, and potential clients are all planets that constantly revolve around that sun. Your success is dependent on the energy your website exudes.

Without a good website you have no focal point, leaving everything to exist on its own, floating around cyberspace without any anchor. With a good website you have a balanced  system that is full of purpose, driven by a central force.

So, why should you care about website marketing? As a business owner living through the Digital Revolution + COVID pandemic, you have no other choice.

What Is A Website Marketing Strategy?

A website marketing strategy is how you choose to market your business through your website AND what systems you set up to lead people to your website. There are numerous website marketing strategies you can use. Try out several and figure out which works best for you! Improve and experiment over time.

Right now, the name of the game in website marketing is “Content. Content. Content.” Whether it be your Instagram feed, Youtube videos, blogs, podcasts, classes…whatever knowledge you have, you want to share. Becoming a thought leader that shares useful information across platforms is the golden strategy to building a successful business right now. Consumers of your content should eventually be led to your website.

All of your big brain expertise about your industry or niche should either be:

  • Building your subscriber/follower list so that you can grow a rabid, frothing at the mouth customer base that become your disciples
  • Leading potential customers to your website, where you enchant them & provide more knowledge or unique marketing to win them over.

Here are a few steps to building out a website marketing strategy. (this is just one way, tinker with what works for you)

Step 1: Invest In Your Website

You want your website to be a place people want to hang out for a little while. You want your website to be fun to use, easy to understand, & quick to gain the attention of your audience.

Make it easy for users to branch out and listen to your podcast. Give users the opportunity to visit your Facebook or Instagram. Entice them to join your email list or read an excerpt from your book.

While your website should look clean it should also be exploding with content that is easy to obtain and beneficial to your visitors. This is your moment to show off your brand with 100% authenticity. Be yourself and let it all hang out 😉

website-marketing-strategyStep 2: Blog, Blog, Blog

We know the importance of quality content that really helps people which is why we value blogging so much. Blogging is a surefire way to build a loyal following that trusts you, and in this world baby trust is everything. REMEMBER: It’s not about you; it’s about what you do for other people.

The world has more noise & information than ever, so how do YOU stand out? Be so helpful and so valuable that people can’t live without your company.

We promise that if you grow a strong tribe through incredibly valuable content like a blog that solves real problems for people, then your products/services will sell themselves (if they also solve problems of course).

Side note: Blogging also gives you more opportunities to optimize your website for search engines, creating more traffic.

Step 3: Create a Cohesive Social Media Presence

A complete stranger should be able to look at your Instagram profile for 2 seconds and understand who you are. That feeling should radiate through all of your socials & throughout your website.

Interact with people, invest in their lives and what they love, create bonds, and grow that social media presence to new heights by giving a shit.

A cohesive brand is your biggest asset. Use it. Make sure your website is easy to locate on every social media platform. To entice people to look at your website, offer them things they want, and have an idea of what interests them. That sounds simple but if you can figure that out, then you’ve got a golden ticket to Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Step 4: Backlinks

Backlinks are the portal from any website to your website. Backlinks are crucial for a good website marketing strategy because they give legitimacy to your website.

If a dominant website mentions your website with a link, you can bet Google notices. The more credibility and thought leadership you display through people linking to you, the higher your Google ranking. Google is queen bee & we want to be noticed by Queen Bee. We long for Google’s approval, and for good reason. Everybody still uses Google for search.

All of the little things we do to make Google notice us bump our name up in the search results. (SEO, anyone?) This leads to more website traffic.

Step 5: Email Marketing

These days, a person’s email address has more value than their home address. An e-mail address is your direct link to a potential customer.

With their email, you can offer them exclusive content or deals and discounts or more importantly provide them with a steady stream of quality content that keeps them loyal to you.

Email marketing is like our relationship with vampires: you must invite them in.

Step 6: SWOT: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threatswot-analysis

SWOT Analysis. Analyze your website the same way you’d analyze your business. Look at your website & find its strong points. Acknowledge the things that just aren’t working. Recognize the areas that have potential for innovation. Be honest with yourself.

Don’t ignore the things that could potentially break. You’re responsible for keeping your website in check. Be honest with yourself about what is an asset and what is holding you back.

Step 7: Leverage PPC

Click. $. Click. $. Click. $. Pay-per-click advertisement can be incredibly beneficial to your website. A pay-per-click campaign involves a lot of moving parts: keywords, conversions, landing pages. It takes good quality and a strategy to run a successful pay-per-click ad campaign.

However, PPC advertisements can pay off quickly when done correctly. They not only bring traffic to your website; they drive sales immediately.

What If I Don’t Know How to Create a Website Marketing Strategy By Myself?

Don’t sweat it.

This is where the Gravity Junction team steps in. Here’s our secret: we know how to do it all. No, we aren’t know-it-alls; though collectively, we do know a thing or two. When it comes to developing a website marketing strategy, each member of our squad steps up to cover every little corner. That advantage is otherworldly. Website marketing services are invaluable to a business owner. We can see your website through its lifecycle and help it grow with vigor.

Everything you wish you knew how to do (besides ride a unicycle, maybe, I’ll ask around) we have covered.

Our goal is always to look at the power behind each client’s message, figure out the best way to convey that message through a gorgeous & crisp website, and then focus on content creation & spreading your message throughout the galaxy.

You don’t have to tackle building your online presence alone. Gravity is the force that pulls everything together. Let us help you build a winning website strategy and shoot your business off the ground.

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    Please share the details in each step.

    Ex: How to generate backlinks.

    The steps should be exhaustive and practical.


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