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Case Study

John Addison Leadership Group

2020-2021 Stats


Traffic Growth


Social Media
Engagement Growth


Increase in
Social Followers


Growth in Online
Course Registrants

Our SEO Agency

SEO is a game, and we know how to play it. No matter what you are selling and regardless of your industry, we will make the moves it takes to make your brand a winner! #moreleads #higherprofits

“As a newly appointed board member of The Better Business Bureau, serving Atlanta and North Georgia, it’s evident that ethical SEO services are needed now more than ever.

I couldn’t be more proud that our team operates with such a high code of ethics and delivers what matters most, organic traffic!”
-S. Crawford, CEO

Onsite and Technical SEO

Get an exhaustive list of ideas to improve the ranks of specific website pages.

Receive tips on link building, content writing, SERP feature targeting, and more.

Organic Keyword Research

Discover the best-performing keywords with organic keyword research.
See what keywords your rivals use and develop your own SERP winning tactics.

Content Analysis

Content is king but only if it’s perfect for the “Google Gods” & readers alike. We analyze your content and score: readability, keywords, word count, tone of voice & so much more. Mapping out content enhancements & recommendations.

Competitor Analysis

With competitive analysis, you will be taking a step back and looking at the overall market area, where you stand, who the competitors are, and what the search landscape looks like for crucial keywords.

Case Study

Asa Carlton Holdings

2020-2021 Stats


Traffic Growth


Increase in
Email Subscribers


Increase in
Online Applications


Increase in

SEO Packages

Monthly Deliverables

KEYWORDS - Using the keyword analysis and on-page audit, we optimize the targeted key phrases by bolstering keywords and ancillary keywords to improve rankings.
Up To 10
Up to 40
Up to 60
Up to 100
SEO PAGE OPTIMIZATION - Using the on-page audit report, we will strategize and implement metadata changes, content modifications, and otherwise, that will be needed to support targeted keywords.
Up to 3
Up to 10
Up to 15
Up to 25
LOCAL SEO POSITION TRACKING - This local SEO tool tracks your daily online performance, monitoring keywords, and keeping an eye on your competitors.
Up to 1 Area
Up to 3 Areas
Up to 8 Areas
Up to 12 Areas
XML SITEMAP CREATION & SUBMISSION - Submitting your sitemap allows Google to properly crawl your site. This also allows you to receive notifications if there are issues Google is reporting.

Google My Business Optimization - Google is looking for precise vernacular and "triggers" to enhance your website's SEO. We know the tricks of the trade to optimize your profile.

Existing Content Updates -To support all keyword goals, our award-winning content creators will get to work crafting the exact words Google and readers are looking for!
Up to 2 hours
Up to 4 hours
Up to 8 hours
Up to 12 hours
Post Tracking - We measure the performance of your external publications or your competitors’ articles by tracking social engagement, backlink count, and referral traffic.

Monthly Growth Report - Virtual meeting with your strategist to discuss progress.

Prioritized Recommendations -Playbook of action steps for the coming months.

Personalized Dashboard Reporting

Quarterly Position Tracking Report

Social Media SEO

1 Platform
3 Platforms
8 Platforms

Case Study

Sign It Quick

2020-2021 Stats




Increase in
Email Subscribers


Increase in
Social Followers


Traffic Growth


Where SEO Marketing Begins

All SEO packages start with a full analysis.

Traffic Analysis
Just like a storefront needs traffic, so does a website. This report shows you how many visitors you are getting, how long they stay, and where they come from.
Technical Site Audit
Google doesn't like poorly built sites with technical issues. A technical site audit will show us what is diminishing your SEO value in the eyes of Google.
Backlink Audit
Backlinks are king. You want tons, but you want them to come from the right websites. This report analyzes what backlinks you and your competitors have, identifies the toxic ones, and provides a list of suggested healthy backlinks to go after.
On Page SEO Audit
This report lets us know how we can improve your website for higher ranking SEO value.
Content Analysis
Content is king but only if it's perfect for the "Google Gods" & readers alike. We analyze your content and score: readability, keywords, word count, tone of voice & so much more. Mapping out content enhancements & recommendations.
Hosting Analysis
We analyze your hosting resources to ensure you are on the optimal package to support all SEO goals.
Domain Registration Report
We analyze your domain registration to ensure you have the optimal subscription to support all SEO goals.
Google Analytics setup w/Conversion Tracking
We establish or enhance your Google Analytics account, setting up goals to track conversions and overall site traffic reports.
Social Media Analysis
This report allows us to review social anlytics to see your current followers, posts, engagements and more.
Competitor Analysis
We have to know what you are up against. This report allows us to see what your competitors are doing so we know how to strategize.
GravityHub ™ Report
Google is looking for you to be on all 55+ authority sites. The GravityHub ™ report shows us where you currently stand and where you need to be for the highest SEO value.
Pay Per Click Keyword Analysis*
Don't just throw money at an ad and hope it wins. This report allows us to know exactly what ads need to run, where they need to run, for how long, and what the budget should be to make the greatest impact.
PLA Advertising*
This report delivers the precise data we need that triggers Google to display your products."

 *Offered in Advanced Package Only

Local SEO That Converts

“Before Gravity Junction, I got three leads in 12 months. Now I’m getting leads almost every day! My business is changed forever thanks to this team!” – Chef Vedam Clementi, Owner of Vee Culinary


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. The process of optimizing and improving your website’s metadata and content to improve the quantity and quality of organic traffic.

Is SEO right for you?

If you care about the amount of traffic your site gets, then HELL YES! Everyone needs SEO. It’s a bare necessity in this digital age!

When Will You See Results

You may see improvements in SEO in 60 days, or it could take months, depending on your competition and budget.

Why invest in an SEO package?

Many people rely on search engines to find businesses, information, and more. By investing in a quality search engine optimization (SEO) package, you can help drive more leads to your business.

How Our SEO Experts Help You

Our local SEO company has a deep understanding of all aspects of SEO marketing services.

Our team stays in the know, collaborating as a collective unit to help bring you the most cutting-edge SEO marketing techniques. We have hand-picked every member of our team for their expertise so all of your marketing needs, from analytical to imaginative, are fulfilled.
Sharla Crawford

Sharla Crawford


Kari Livesay

Kari Livesay

Senior Editor

Tess Helmandollar

Tess Helmandollar


Sydney Lucero

Sydney Lucero

Content Specialist

Mandy Fischer

Mandy Fischer

Dir. of Digital Strategy

Carina McCarver

Carina McCarver

Project Manager

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