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Why Branding is So Important as You Scale Your Business

Branding does some of the most important things for your business’s image, as it shares your message and meaning with clarity and cohesiveness.

Branding becomes the picture of how customers see your business, especially as it grows. Therefore, you need to ensure that your branding is clean and concise while sharing the right message, preparing it to play its part in growing your business.

What Is A Brand?

Brand identity refers to the way your brand is communicated to an audience without any additional explanation. Good brand identity will tell your brand’s story without having to say much of anything at all.

These days, your brand also refers to the values of your company. It isn’t uncommon for companies to make their company culture known as well as their mission. These things also need to be outlined when a business decides to scale because they play a pivotal part in how things are done internally and externally.

Is Your Brand Ready for Growth?

Every business is itching for growth.

Growing from a small business to a household name takes solid ideas and even stronger branding. Branding is what creates the stepping stones for businesses to climb from the bottom to the top.

Whether your business has already started to scale or you’ve just started thinking about the possibilities of growth, here are some things you need to know about keeping your brand message from becoming diluted as your company grows.

Ensuring Your Brand Message is Still Applicable

The brand message your company started with may not always be the brand message that drives your company’s growth. As your company grows and gains new customers, you may see your customer base evolve and your ideal customer change. This is okay. In fact, it’s encouraged.

However, it’s essential to admit the need for change when necessary for your company’s growth.

For example, say you started a company that installs drywall in residential spaces. Through your business’s organic growth and opportunity, you have started working in commercial spaces, bidding on more significant commercial projects.

Your business is the same at heart; you are, in essence, doing the same job, but your goals have changed. As you look at scaling your business in this new space, you will want to ensure that your brand message is speaking to the right audience.

Make Your Logo Say Everything You Need it To Say

A logo is a company’s stamp on everything it does. This is especially important as a business grows into unfamiliar spaces. Create a cohesive identity for your business through your logo.brand-identity-helps-grow-your-business

Before you start to scale your company, ensure that your logo design says the right thing in the right way.

Consider having a graphic designer look at your logo and other branding materials to ensure that your business’s image represents what you do and conveys the message of your business neatly and with ease.

Ensure a Cohesive Brand Identity

One of the most important factors of establishing a brand identity is ensuring that cohesive marketing messages are being used across everything your company puts out, including your pamphlets, letterhead, signage, packaging, web design, social media, etc. Anything your company is putting out should aid in creating a cohesive brand while solidifying your business’s brand identity.

Brand identity designers are beneficial during this step of assessing your brand for scalability because they can clearly see the big picture. They have a divine understanding of how branding sends a message to clients and can either tweak what you have already established or introduce new branding concepts into the picture. Branding design is more than cohesiveness; it’s the message, delivery, and your business’s first impression.

Additionally, brand identity designers also understand how your branding will intertwine with your future marketing endeavors, on-ground and online, allowing your business to make a memorable impact.

Always Keep Your Ideal Customer in Mind

As your company grows, your target audience may change a bit with it. Throughout your business’s lifetime, you may have noticed this progression. As you get ready to scale, make sure that your customer avatar is up-to-date and that your branding is garnering the right people’s attention.

A marketing strategist is a good person to have overview information regarding your customer avatar to ensure that all efforts being made to stir up attention for your business are in-line with your company’s values and image and in-line with what will gauge the attention of your potential customers.

A marketing strategist can work with a brand identity designer to ensure that every piece of your branding, marketing, and advertising is created with scalability in mind.

Establishing Your Company Message

Creating a solid brand identity often starts from the inside.

As small businesses grow, everyone within the business must understand the company’s core values. This can be hard to establish for some business owners, especially as the company experiences rapid growth and team expansions.

As businesses grow, team members are often so engulfed by all of the new customers and work they’re bringing on board that they tend to neglect the parts of their business that made them stand out in the first place.

As a business owner, you cannot lose sight of that team morale that led you to a place to prepare for expansion.

Gravity Junction can help build your brand internally and externally, providing only the best version of your business to every person you interact with.

Systems That Are Ready to Work for You

Outside of color schemes and logo design, your brand is what you stand for.

To ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience with your company, you must have internal systems in place that are ready to work for you. Part of providing a good customer experience as you scale is preparing yourself for the influx of traffic.

Implement systems for your team that help keep projects in order so as not to drop the ball as business increases.

Additionally, as your customer base grows, you will need to consider the safety measures you have to secure customer data.

Hiring a chief technology officer can help you ensure that your business has the tools it needs to grow from a technical standpoint. There is not much worse than having a killer business ready to scale, only to be stunted by technology that can’t keep up. It is almost always worth investing in internal systems that help keep your company’s growth steady through productivity.

How Technology and Automations Aid Your Brand As It Scales

When your company values are rooted in customer experience, the investment in automated technologies is a must. When your business scales and your customer base grows, keeping up with the personable hospitality you were once able to provide can be a challenge.

marketing-digital-technologyOne of the easiest ways to add value to your business and keep your branding intact is to show customers you care regularly.

Though this is always good to do in-person when you have the opportunity, with the growth of online sales and digital marketing, having a “thank you” in place automatically is a real boost to customer care.

Additionally, adding customer care chats or help forms helps establish trust in your customer relationships. These automated processes give customers a sense of assurance that may be harder to personally include as your business grows.

Keeping up with customer care should be at the top of your list when considering scaling your business. The last thing you want to lose in transition is genuine customer relationships.

Gravity Junction Can Help You Prepare to Scale Your Business

Gravity Junction is an Atlanta-based marketing firm and branding agency offering many marketing and software solutions, all under the same roof. With Gravity Junction, your company gets the expertise of multiple industry professionals without the headache of outsourcing each job.

We make it easy and worthwhile, as we pride ourselves in creating solutions that marry technology with creative solutions backed by value in customer experience.

Gravity Junction has everything you need to create a cohesive brand and scale it to the stars from brand designers, social media marketers, SEO experts, web developers, and software solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can prepare your company to scale.



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