How Technology Shapes Marketing (And What That Means for Your Business)

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Technology shapes everything, now more than ever, and it’s only becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, technology is evolving so quickly that some believe it’s surpassing the generous projection of Moore’s Law, which states that processing speeds for computers double every 18 months.

From a marketing standpoint, the growth of technology can’t be ignored, for the faster it gets, the more accessible it is.

It is expected that 17.72 billion estimated devices will be processing data by 2025. Simply put, what we see today will not be what we see ten years from now, nowhere near it. People are flocking to digital landscapes and this is not a “trend” that we will ever see die. Technology and its social impact is here to stay.

So what does this mean for marketing your business?

You have to do more than keep up.

Keeping up with tech trends will become a thing of the past. If you aren’t ahead of the curve, you’ll likely be coming to the game too late to play. It is crucial now and will become more vital over time that you pay very close attention to not only what’s happening now, but what comes next. Keeping up with digital marketing is an additional full-time job for a lot of companies. However, the investment in noteworthy digital output pays off.

Establishing your business online now is necessary. It is no longer a question of “if” but “when,” and in this case, the sooner is better. Since COVID, many businesses have made it a priority to establish relationships with marketing firms that can help them navigate the digital landscape both now and in the future. Creating a digital presence is expected from your business, regardless of your sector.

“Why?” Keep reading.

You are now open for business 24/7.

Potential customers expect to be able to interact with your business at any hour of the day, any day of the week. This desire for constant connectedness is due to the growth of technology and the steadily rising popularity of social media marketing. Anything anyone could ever want is available in an instant, so your company must have online information and even offerings that allow you to compete at any given time.

One thing is true about the rapid growth of marketing and tech: no one wants to wait.

The internet is the city that never sleeps. If you have products that can be sold through an online storefront, make sure you’re utilizing that technology to keep sales coming in, even when you’re away from your business.

You’re also here to help 24/7.

In the same vein of your business being open 24/7, support is also expected 24/7.

If you aren’t at Amazon status, there’s no need to have a 24/7 live customer representative for your business, but there is always a need to have help forms, or chatbots, put in place to help customers navigate through any issues they may encounter after-hours.

2 a.m. may not be an appropriate time for anyone on your team to get the problem resolved immediately, but having automated responses or general help chats lets your customers know that someone on your team is listening to their concerns. Additionally, implementing those types of systems also allows your company to be more aware of recurring issues and be on top of ensuring informed, prompt customer service.

Many current digital marketing technologies are based on the idea that immediate solutions are necessary, so it is important that your business takes the same approach. Even if the concrete solution isn’t ready at a moment’s notice (and let’s face it, it usually isn’t), at least your customers know that you’re committed to promptness because their business is valuable to you.

Personalized marketing can be utilized thanks to more timely statistics.

The growth of marketing technology gives marketers a leg up on what to expect from customers and better understand the proper way to approach different target audiences. Today, it is easier than ever to discover valuable information about potential customers, turning just another follower into a potential lead.

With the ability to capture in-depth analytics on every digital marketing strategy put into play, marketers can tailor each marketing strategy until it’s a perfect fit. There is no longer an opportunity for gaps in information as the performance of a marketing strategy can be seen in real time thanks to data collection technologies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be your biggest cheerleader and best salesman. (Sorry, Rob.)

Alexa, Google, and Siri are all household names at this point. They are devices some of us welcome as family while others are still viewing them as in-laws who have long outworn their welcome. Regardless of how you feel toward your home help device, there is one thing you have to give them credit for: they have the answers.

Search engine marketing is always a given as many know the value of search engine optimized (SEO) webpages. In a similar vein, as AI devices become more commonplace,artificial-intelligence-ai-chat-bot-concept-hands-holding-mobile-phone businesses can begin working now to establish authority within their space in a way that appeals to not only the human searcher but the AI device looking to provide answers in a pinch.

Marketing technology puts products in your environment.

Not only does new marketing technology allow for your business to be open and operational 24/7, but with the help of augmented reality, it allows customers to have a full shopping experience on their couch at 3 a.m. Augmented reality, commonly known as AR, lets customers see things as they are, right in front of them.

A good example of augmented reality benefiting a business is with furniture businesses. IKEA and Amazon, along with other furniture retailers, let customers see what a piece of furniture they want to purchase would look like in the space they would place it in their home. This enhances the online shopping experience while providing customers a visual they wouldn’t get just from going into a store.

Marketing technologies like AR truly customize the buying experience, allowing customers to see in real-time the impact of their purchases. These types of immersive experiences will only grow as marketing and tech become more and more intertwined with time.

There’s a need to make sure you are presenting the best way you know how.

With the rapid growth of technologies comes the prevalence of mobile devices. You know that your website is the central hub for your business, and when starting your business, a desktop site may have been your first stop. However, as your business grows, you must ensure your web experience is optimal for every device involved, especially smartphones.

A positive customer experience is dependent on your ability to present information accurately and in a functional manner. When technology puts new devices in the hands of your customers, you have to tailor the online experience of your business to those devices. This is a continuous lesson in adapting how you get information from your company to your customers seamlessly.

How Gravity Junction can help your company excel at every stage of the technical evolution.

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