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Meet the Kickass Team from Gravity Junction

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell

Sharla Crawford

Sharla Crawford


Kalani Thomas

Kalani Thomas


Michael Crawford

Michael Crawford


"We create. We inspire. We develop. We expand."

Our team is so much more than nameless robots who make pretty websites and cool apps for our clients. While we do those things, (and we do them incredibly well, if we say so ourselves), there is nothing more important to us than seeing a client’s business thrive.

Self proclaimed marketing geeks, we are fueled by our passion to see our clients succeed. Your success is our success and that is something we don’t take lightly. Every question we ask, every hashtag we use and every landing page we create is done for one reason: to help our clients reach their business goals.

Reach Your Biz Goals

A digital-first approach to strategy and creative

“Shaping your galaxy. One website. One campaign. One app at a time”

Whether you want to run one campaign with us or launch a new brand from the ground up, our SupaNova agency will help you burn brighter than ever before.