How to Move
Forward After
Your Site is Live!

Shout to the World!!!

After your site is live, it’s important and FUN to let the world know!

Here are some ways you can get the word out:

1. Email – If you have an email list, then this is the time to make use of it. Send an email or newsletter of your exciting announcement. Your new site may provide a product or service that you can get people excited about, or perhaps just let them know how the site provides value to them in some way.

2. Be Social – Utilizing your preferred social media platform, is a great way to post an update about your new site.  Make sure to include your actual site address, helping your followers to reach your website easily.

3. Hot off the Press – Having a nationally syndicated Press Release is a sure fire way to boost your rankings in search engines.  There are very reasonably priced companies who will publish your Press Release across authority sites.
Reputable PR sites: PRNewsWire, PRUnderGround, Newswire

4. Snail Mail – Direct mailing is often underused and underrated. Considering most mailboxes are filled with bills and other unpleasantries. Taking the time, money and effort on your part, creating a personalized announcement would for stand out to anyone who receives it. This is a great time to offer discounted pricing (coupons, etc) to encourage your website is visited by the recipient.

Online Reviews

One of Google’s way of ranking your site, is factoring in your online reviews. So now is a great time to solicit reviews from your current and past customer base. You can also have your own employees right reviews on their experience in working with your company. Don’t forget about your friends and family, who may not be direct customers, but they do admire your business.

Here are some great platforms to request reviews:

1. Google Reviews – Clearly using Google’s Business platform to have reviews is highly recommended. You must first have a claimed & verified Google Business Listing to then have a place to send anyone to review.
If you already have a verified Google Business Listing, you can use this simple tool to obtain the direct link to requesting reviews: SUPPLE. You can use this review request link in emails to your customers, in your newsletters, etc.

2. Social Reviews – Believe it or not, reviews on Facebook, Yelp and LinkedIn are all factored into how Google ranks your site. These are considered not only reputable but authority sites and every review can aid in you moving through the ranks of Google.

3. Testimonials – If you aren’t a new business, you more than likely already have some “hand-written” reviews. You may even have some on your website already. Continue asking for and saving any reviews that you can add to your website, include in email newsletters; further validating and confirming what a great company you are.

Keep it Fresh

Continuously adding relevant, new content to your site is more than highly recommended. Each time you add more content, sends a signal to Google to come check you out (which is a GREAT thing). It’s suggested that no matter how much time or money you can throw at developing and publishing new content, the most critical factor is consistency. Adding new resource pages, creating blog posts, or just more overall content to existing pages are just a few ways you can keep your site fresh and keep the Google spiders coming to see your greatness.

Don’t have time or don’t like developing new content?

Then hiring a copywriter is a wonderful way to leverage your time.

Reputable Outsourcing Sites for Copywriters: UpWork & Freelancer

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