Southcoast Cleaning Solution’s LOGO

by Gravity Junction!

We are traditionally known for full web design and marketing consulting contracts, however, at times a special someone comes along that we want to help with seemingly the “smallest” project.

This was the case with Nickie, owner of Southcoast Cleaning Solutions serving Charleston’s Tri-County area.

I know first hand how great of a cleaning service this company provides, and how wonderful Nickie and her team are. Taking the burden off of me for some time, Southcoast Cleaning Solutions is who I turned to for regular cleaning. Doing a fab job!

It was with great pleasure that Gravity Junction wanted to assist in Nickie branding her company with a new logo…

She’s since taken our logo creation and put it to use, gave it life, and in this case wheels!

Rolling around town you will now see the Southcoast Cleaning Solutions corporate van and her team sporting their new hoodies!

We may not be local to enjoy Nickie’s team’s awesome cleaning services, however we do LOVE knowing we mutually continue to support one another!


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