Power of Protection: SSL Certificates Boost SEO Value

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What is SSL?

SSL means secure socket layer.

“Okay, I think I know what those words mean individually, but please explain.”

It may already sound complicated, especially if this is a completely new territory for you. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with abbreviations & technicalities you just don’t fully understand. That’s okay. Let’s make this as simple as possible.

SSL, secure socket layer, is security. SSL certificates are what websites use to encrypt data so no one is able to swoop in and steal your personal information. We’re talking credit card numbers, phone numbers, secret family recipes, addresses, conversations, etc. Anything and everything of value, SSL aims to protect.

When you send something over a secure network (one with a SSL, often seen as https on your web browser), it’s rewritten as a formula. The valuable information is coded in a way that no one can decipher besides the receiver on the other end. The server on the receiving end is given the variables to plug into the initial formula that make it make sense.

These are called encryption keys. One key works as the puzzle, the other key works as the cipher. The puzzle is useless without the cipher. The cipher is useless without the puzzle.

Encryption keys are much like one way roads. There’s only one way in and one way out. One without the other will never lead you back to the origin.

SSL security is what is added to your website to protect it. It’s a safety net. It’s a knight guarding the door of your website with a sword and shield. It’s there to keep you safe from hackers with malicious intent. Most importantly, it gives you and your customer peace of mind while letting you run your business online stress free.

Http vs Https

You see “http” and “https” in links, at the beginning of web addresses. You may never think much about the importance of that “s.” (Because let’s face it, most of us have no idea what those letters mean)

Http means hypertext transfer protocol.
Https means hypertext transfer protocol secure.

That is the name of the game. Secure. You need things to be secure.

Take a look at all of the sites you use. Do you see the little lock in the corner? Go ahead and look in the corner now. Our website has it too. It’s essential to keep all information that goes through your website safe & secure.

Here at Gravity Junction, we 1000% believe in treating you as our own. All of our hosting plans include a free SSL Certificate with quarterly registration.

How Will SSL Help My Business?ssl-certificate

A secure website has all pros and no cons. There is no such thing as “too safe” when handling other people’s personal info.

Credibility. SSL certificates aren’t just handed out like free candy. They have to be authorized by agencies. An SSL certificate certifies that your site is legit and can be trusted. That means everything in this day and age.

Technology perks. Again, we need to look at http vs https. Https sites will load quicker than http sites. When you have the advantage of security and speed, you’re more likely to keep customers on your website. We all love getting what we want exactly when we want it these days. If you don’t cater to that fact, potential customers will leave your site and take their business elsewhere.

Confidence in Correspondence. SSL encryption creates a bubble for your business. Within this bubble, you can communicate with your customers freely with the confidence that they are who they say they are. They can put the same trust in you, allowing you to build stronger relationships.

Security in Payment. There are particular rules and regulations put into place by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is absolutely essential for an e-commerce business to implement SSL encryption to keep the information of your customers safe. The PCI DSS sees this as a non-negotiable.

Google will favor you. Google only shows users the most relevant, trustworthy websites. An SSL encryption on your website is an INSTANT SEO BOOST. As soon as your site is secure, Google sees you as a trustworthy website. Bam, now the algorithm is dying to recommend you to their users. SSL security makes you attractive on so many levels.

ssl-securitySEO & SSL Certificates

SEO is always on the forefront of our minds. It’s part of every marketing strategy we implement because we know that if you can’t be found, you can’t be seen. The easier it is for someone to find you, the better the position you’re in to sell your business with vigor.

Google values security highly. They say it (and prove it) often. Google never wants to take a risk by recommending a website that hasn’t been given a SSL certificate. If you don’t have SSL security implemented on your website then your business will be pushed further down into Google search results. (No one is making it to the 5th page of Google search results. They just aren’t.)

Some browsers will also BLOCK your site from being seen. Have you ever visited a website and got a message that read “You’re in danger” or “Your connection is not secure?” Those big, red letters are a turn off for 99% of web users.

If someone has never visited your website before and their first impression of your business is their computer screaming at them for being on a potentially risky website, they’re going to hit the “back” button as quickly as humanly possible. It comes off as unnecessary risk and most people aren’t into risky business when it comes to how they spend their money.

The lack of SSL encryption will HURT YOUR BUSINESS. Plain and simple.

On the flipside, having an SSL certification gives you a stamp of approval from Google. The more legitimate Google finds your website, the more likely they are to show you to their users. Google wants its users to have a good experience, thus they must trust your website provides that good experience.

Implementing SSL security is just one way to boost your SEO score instantly. That means moving your business up on Google. And with all of the right SEO tools combined with SSL, that means the first page of Google.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, but SSL encryption gives you a big head start.

How You Can Implement SSL on Your Business Page

First, you have to obtain an SSL certificate. There are several ways to do that. Some host sites offer free SSL certification through their website. You can also purchase an independent SSL certificate for your domain. This process doesn’t usually take long. No more than a few hours, typically.

If you have received an independent SSL certificate (outside of your host website), once you’ve logged into your web host manager, you should see the option for installing an SSL certificate. Once you type in your domain name, you should be able to copy and paste your certificate into the box and install it. Then you’re as good as gold.

Or, you can let Gravity Junction do it for you. All of our hosting plans include a free SSL Certificate with quarterly registration.

Not only are we marketers thinking of out of this world ways to boost your business…we’re also kickass software creators that know how to make your business run beautifully online while building all the walls & windows you need to keep your business safe.

We know the big picture is about beauty just as much as functionality. Let us help you aim your business for the stars. Get started with us today.


  1. SwiftChat Live Chat App

    Having a SSL certificate is a no brainer these days as a lot of domain or hosting providers are giving you a free SSL certificate anyways.

    • Sharla

      Amy, you are super accurate! SSL certificates are for sure a no brainer, it sends all the right signals to tech-savvy consumers and Google. #itsawinwin
      This is why every one of our hosting clients not only enjoys being on a super speedy Dedicated Google Powered Hosting Plan but they enjoy a free SSL certificate as well!


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