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Time for a Website Overhaul???


Websites are the virtual representation of your company, critical in today’s day and age. (obvious I know) Unless you own a retro business, it’s safe to say that keeping your website looking like it’s NOT been developed in the 1980’s is super important. 

This is when retro isn’t cool…

You may be contemplating if it’s time for a website facelift and dragging your feet a bit. To help confirm, what you are probably already feeling, here’s some guidance that it’s time for a new website.

Signs you may be ready for a website overhaul:

  1. You’re still using Flash
  2. It’s not mobile friendly
  3. It’s too slow
  4. Your message/brand has changed
  5. Your tired of the way it looks
  6. Your readers aren’t staying on the site long
  7. Readers aren’t converting to clients well
  8. You can’t update your site easily
  9. It just looks outdated
  10. You’re embarrassed to give out your URL

Energize Your Business

There’s something to be said, from a pure “superficial” standpoint, that wearing a new outfit, driving a new car, having a new haircut can put a pep in your step. The same goes for getting a new website or overhauling the one you have.

Business can get boring, we’ve all been there.

Instead of jumping ship to another business and starting from scratch, why not just give your existing business a facelift to reenergize yourself. So, even tho you may not have a massive “issue” or change in your business where you are forced to building a new website or changing the one you have, there’s nothing wrong with just wanting a new one to spice things up. Or you may find yourself really needing a facelift to properly represent your company, brand or mission. 

This is where Brett Owenby found himself…

Digital Facelift

Brett Owenby may have one of the dirtiest businesses around. Since 2002 his family owned and operated business has specialized in excavating & grading and shoreline construction. He and his team basically get paid to move dirt around all day long. After many years in business, Brett’s catalyst for a website  overhaul was the development of his new logo.

Getting this new logo developed, totally changed the entire look and feel of Brett’s brand moving forward; warranting a facelift for his online presence, matching his belly to belly brand.

It’s safe to say that if you are changing your storefront signage or getting new business cards printed, it’s time to change your website as well. Brett Owenby Grading is an example of this, without a doubt.

Maybe it’s time for you to update your website, for whatever reason, now is a GREAT time to do just that. Get your Estimate started today and you are well on your way to bringing new life and new business your direction!