Social Media Strategies To Boost SEO: The What’s, Why’s, & How’s

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Social media marketing should be a treasured ally of SEO marketing. One of the most common digital marketing missteps we’re seeing from SEO companies these days is the nearly complete separation of social media and organic SEO marketing strategies.

This is tragic. Luckily, your favorite Atlanta SEO company, GJ, has come to the rescue to teach you how to mix SEO into your social media marketing strategy seamlessly.

Social Media Marketing Partnerships


There are a couple of types of partnerships that can help you level up in social media collaboration.

“Partnering” is a feature found across almost all social media platforms where one can become a verified “partner” on that respective social media site.

A partnership with a PLATFORM means that a specific platform acknowledges that your business is one of the top performers.

A partnership with a BRAND or BRANDS is a mutual agreement between two or more businesses.


Becoming a partner with a platform is like writing your message in permanent marker. Everyone is okay with that because they know both your company and your content are legitimate. Say hello to major visibility!

Partnering with brand(s) will drastically help:

  • Break into new markets
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Add extra value to your products and services
  • Increase “buzz,” “hype,” or excitement

With over three-fourths of marketers believing that partnerships are great for business, it’s no secret that this is an incredibly powerful tool.


Sounds great; sign me up, right?! Here are two strategies that are sure to get you acing partnerships and saying, “Howdy, partner!”

1. Facebook Partnership opens up various incredible opportunities for your business.



  • Do you have the resources to stay up-to-date with both policy + technology changes?
  • Are you thriving in one of FB’s specialties in at least one major company?
  • Do you have a solid track record of client success + can you show it?
  • Do you have a clear business model?


  • Are you following FB’s policies + vision?
  • Do you bring something new + exciting to the platform?
  • Do you have STELLAR relationships with FB + your clients?


  • VIP access: special training, exclusive support for technology, access to partner-only programs + events.
  • Gaining increased visibility on FB → More potential clients → Boost in sales
  • Receiving a verified badge: Show off your partnership and gain legitimacy within your niche + across the board.
2. Running a social media marketing campaign grants you an exciting way to reach a specialized audience.


  • Find potential collaborators who serve your audience, yet aren’t competitors: Example: Taco Bell and Frito-Lay serving a similar demographic, yet not directly competing.
  • Understand the value of your engaged audience: While you can take a gander at standard rates for CPMs relative to your audience size to gain an idea of the market value of your audience, don’t forget that the endorsement from a brand (even if it’s passive) has value, and you’ll be far better off overvaluing your audience than undervaluing it.


  • Reach + deepen your ties + impact with audiences; old and new alike
  • Increase the quality of your audience + content to create a greater value
  • Gain versatility in your marketing assets to promote an engagement that sizzles between your social media audience and content
  • Significant increase in return on building + serving your audience



A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one page to another website.


The concept of backlinks is comparable to word of mouth (just a little more technical). The idea that the more others are talking about your stuff, the better it is for your business, definitely comes into play here. When you develop a high-quality post, you want more sources dropping your link. The sources should be high-authority, and those with great influence within your niche are the jackpot! More traffic = more recognition from Google’s algorithm. You certainly don’t have to be an SEO expert to master this!


Automate your social

social-media-marketingShare your blog, news, or interviews on your social media automatically with a social media scheduling tool. This way you don’t have to do all of the hard work manually. You can connect the website with RSS feed through the scheduling app. The posts will automatically be shared on all of your business’s social media platforms at one time. Check out our informational blog about promoting your business’s website on social media for some tips ‘n tricks.

Sharing blogs to social

Attractive social media links can gain tons of attention! Sharing blogs to your social media pages is an incredible marketing tactic. Comments and re-shares will be triggered which will bring Atlanta-level traffic to your site!

Increased traffic will lead to your post having “souped-up” authority. Interviews and podcasts are the tickets to becoming content marketing royalty.

Collaboration is key here. Find others in your field. Ask influencers or industry experts to talk about their experiences. Your audience wants ORIGINAL content; that’s what they’ll flock to. Tag individuals you cover, get reshared. The possibilities are endless. Show viewers that you’re important.

Optimize content


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular site by ensuring that the site appears higher on the list of results returned by a search engine.

It’s essentially like having the name “Aaron” and always topping the teacher’s alphabetical order list. Successful SEO strategies have a MASSIVE influence on becoming #1, being on top, and putting your business right in front of potential customers. As an Atlanta SEO company, no one appreciates the possibilities that quality local SEO services create more than we do.


Getting your site to the front of Google means that your content will have a higher chance of reaching your target audience. It’s pretty simple. And FREAKING IMPORTANT.


What do you need to get noticed on social media? CONTENT. Say it louder for the people in the back! And what do you need to get that content noticed? OPTIMIZATION. (Okay, are we a digital marketing agency or a cheerleading pep squad?! We just really love SEO marketing.)

Any SEO expert will tell you that relying on niche keywords will help you develop content that boosts your social media marketing process and gets you noticed by your target audience. Add these keywords to your page’s bio and ALL of your post descriptions. Google will identify these keywords just as you have, and your posts will earn a place in its ever-so-fought-over results. THE MORE IMPRESSIVE VISUALS, THE BETTER. Once you start making local SEO services work for you, the winning never stops. Ubersuggest is a fantastic tool that will assist you in generating keyword ideas when producing content.


  • Utilize the digital community around you and don’t be afraid of partnerships; joining alongside a platform or brand can greatly COMPLEMENT your efforts, not take away from them
  • Links to your social posts from mentions and/or engagement is the best way to elevate your search ranking
  • Social content is virtually useless (yes, we said it) to gaining eyes on your brand without optimization

Let us know how we can help you merge the cohesive relationship between your social media marketing and SEO strategies. The two ARE NOT and SHOULD NOT be separate and, when united, form an unbreakable chain! We are an Atlanta SEO company and would love to set you up with an SEO expert and the best local SEO services!


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