Make Your Customer Your Main Character: Storytelling for Marketing

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What is Storytelling? (And Why Should You Care?)

There is one thing that you and I have in common with the entire world: We have a story to tell.

Regardless of the business’s field, your business has:

  1. Started somewhere
  2. Grown somehow
  3. Experienced life, love, and everything in between on the journey from then to now

Simply put, you have something to say (and you need to say it).

However, digital storytelling in marketing doesn’t end with sharing the story of your business. It isn’t just filling out the “About Us” section of your website.

Storytelling is a continuous investment in how you communicate with your clients and potential customers, in-person, online, and everywhere in between.

Storytelling is:

  • Conveying your message to a crowd via digital or traditional marketing
  • Allowing individuals to see themselves as benefiting from your services
  • Adding more opportunities to connect through genuine, relatable conversation
  • An absolute necessity for growing your client base

Why Storytelling in Marketing Matters

There is one thing in marketing that we cherish above all else: connection.

Whether you own a construction firm, a real estate agency, or a traveling circus, you must have people in your circle to succeed. The only way to have people invested in you and your business is to help them understand who you are and the value your business brings.

Until a client can connect with you on a human level, you’re wasting your words to the wind.

Enter storytelling.

Storytelling takes “this is what we have to offer” to “here’s how what we offer is valuable to you.” Good storytelling puts your customer in the narrative, allowing them to visualize a future where your business benefits them.

“Show, don’t tell” is one of the oldest rules of storytelling, and is just as important in marketing. You can tell someone 100 times who you are. You can tell someone 100 times what you do. But until you offer a way for someone to connect who you are with why they should care, your name is just another name.

Sharing stories is one of the most effective forms of communication. Stories are transferable. Stories are memorable. Stories are the difference between your company being heard and being seen.

Personal Storytelling vs Brand Storytelling

In marketing, there are two types of storytelling; personal and brand. Both types have the same goal of creating a connection and forming strong bonds between a company and its consumers.

Personal storytelling is how you communicate with potential customers. It is using your experience married with your personality to share a message that reminds people you’re a person, not just a business. Personal storytelling is what makes an impact on your client relationships and can be the difference between closing a sale or not.

Personal storytelling is how people invest in you. It is where long-term bonds start.

Brand storytelling backs your company with meaning and is used regularly in content marketing strategies. Brand storytelling adds to the legitimacy of your brand and lets people know why they should care about your company. Connection is crucial, which is why sharing stories about your company and placing customers in these stories so they can better understand how your company can benefit their life, is a must.

Your brand storytelling is how you encourage people to invest in your company.

What Do You Have to Say?digital-storytelling

Identify your stories. Take a mental catalog of experiences you’ve had at your company that say, “yeah, that was a lesson learned” or “wow, the impact of that sale was incredible.”

As a business owner, you likely have some things to be boastful about. Your success is not a bad thing, but sometimes, just laying it all out there is unattractive to potential clients. Telling stories that demonstrate your success not only tells potential clients you can get the job done, but it gives them a real visual and genuine understanding of how you can help.

When creating a content marketing strategy, these stories are the extra spice that give your brand the realness it needs to stand out. Storytelling fosters authenticity. There’s nothing more authentic than telling the story of you to your customers so that they better understand just who you are and what you bring to the relationship.

And How Can You Say It?

You’re human (probably, hopefully); use your emotions. Laughing and crying together are two of the fastest ways to create a bond with another person (though we won’t aim for the latter in this scenario).

Every audience has a particular way to be spoken to. In marketing, there is always a certain way to approach a situation. Part of a marketing team’s superpower is their ability to find the way in, the way to communicate, and the way to get your point across.

Delivery is a critical part of storytelling. It’s not just what you have to say but the way you say it. With digital marketing, telling your story is not just about the story itself but how you present it. There is a delicate balance between telling the truth, emphasizing the action, and sharing the message, all while explaining how these things relate to your business and what you have to offer.

Visual Storytelling Paints a Bigger Picture

In digital marketing, we have the beautiful advantage of visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling can include photos on social media, web design, video content, and more. Visual storytelling is an excellent way to add layers to your marketing. We live in a world fueled by technology; things never slow down, making visual storytelling a simple way to captivate an audience and show them exactly what you mean.

Good visual content needs no explanation. Rather, it portrays a message in an instant and stirs the thoughts of the viewer, leaving an impression. Visual storytelling lets you pack a punch in an instant while creating beautiful content that engages your audience.

storytelling-is-best-marketingWays You Can Start Telling Your Story Now IRL

You don’t have to wait until you have a fully-fledged marketing campaign ready to start telling your story. In fact, you can start telling your story now, adding even more value to what you do.

When someone asks you the question, “What do you do?” don’t just tell them your job title. You are more than your job title. You are more than the name of the company. You are more than all the technical jargon you might be tempted to sling out in an attempt to explain what you do.

Take a few minutes to think about it. What DO you do, what role do you play, and how do you add value to the company?

Instead of: “I am a ___________.” Start with: “I help people ______________.”

“I’m a realtor.” Cool.

“I help homebuyers obtain loans, understand the market, negotiate fair prices, and eventually purchase the home of their dreams. My team specifically works with first-time homebuyers in the greater Atlanta area, and we’re available to clients 365 days a year.” Woah, now they know what you actually do! !

On top of that, you’ve explained to them the value you provide, not just the job you perform. You’ve successfully left an impression that could snowball into a connection or a client recommendation. Every opportunity to build a connection and form relationships is crucial.

It’s Time To Start Telling Your Story

If you’ve been taking notes, you’ve likely started scribbling down some story ideas and taking a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about your peaks, pits, and everything in-between as a business owner.

That’s great, now keep going! True storytelling begins when you focus on authentic communication and creating a genuine connection with prospective customers.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, we’d love to help!

Let Gravity Junction Help Share Your Story

At Gravity Junction, we stitch all of the necessary pieces of marketing together. Digital storytelling is at the forefront of our marketing campaigns because we know that connection is the driving force behind every successful business. Our goal at Gravity Junction is always to take brands to new heights while keeping integrity intact. Your story is worth sharing. Contact us today to hear more about how we can create a marketing plan that shares your story and creates connection, all while taking your brand Supanova.


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