What's the most popular Content Management System (CMS)?

By far WordPress is the top Content Management System (CMS). Netcraft reports over 75,000,000 websites are published on WordPress. 34% of the internet is powered with WordPress; that’s called a clue. Making this open source CMS, what we like to call, “the 800 pound gorilla”.

I don't have a blog, should I still use WordPress?

WordPress websites do not have to contain a blog at all and is still the #1 suggested CMS for just about any business, organization, or mission.

What's the difference between marketing and branding?

Branding is who you are and Marketing is what you do with your Brand. Marketing comes and goes, with different tactics and strategies; but Branding is what sticks. Think of Branding as the DNA of your business, how you distribute the DNA, showcase it, is Marketing.

What's the difference between a mobile application and mobile responsive/friendly website?

Websites that are mobile responsive adjust to all size screens, when properly developed. Having a mobile friendly website does mean that anyone on a smart phone or tablet can easily view and navigate your site. However, mobile applications for smart phones and tablets are entirely separate applications, developed in different environments and not accessible on a browser. Website’s can’t be found in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, where as mobile applications are.

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