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She may be a small town girl but she packs a powerful punch for all her clients. Originally from Charleston, S.C., Sharla Crawford, President of Gravity Junction, now calls Gainesville, Georgia home.

Sharla’s many years of experience in business, sales, leadership began at the ripe ole age of eight. Guided by her self made millionaire parents, Sharla began flipping cars, with just $250 in rolled coins. Realizing very quickly the difference between wages and profits.

At 9 years old Sharla snagged up a contract with Bosch; producing employee engagement, dot matrix printed banners, every week.

“My first official steady pay, ended after a few short months, when Bosch realized my age and the legalities of child labor laws … none the less, a great experience that brought in thousands of dollars for a 3rd grader, not too shabby.”

Sharla’s parents continued to build business after business, she had her hand in some part of each and every one. Spending many summers working as a cashier for The Book Exchange, working as a customer service assistant in Sign it Quick, or helping to host events for Shaklee, The People’s Network, Pre-Paid Legal Services, INC. Sharla has been in and around just about every facet of brick and mortar business and network marketing business.

She even dipped her toes into the vending business for a short while; placing coke machines anywhere that would let her set up.

At 18 Sharla sunk her teeth into leading people for the next 6 years, in the food and beverage industry; managing several different chain and independently owned restaurants and bars. The high speed environment helped Sharla hone in her leadership skills and keep her staff inspired every step of the way. Responsible for event planning and booking talent brought in a new set of skills that would prove more than helpful in the future.

Sharla spent the next 7 years building a large sales organization in the Network Marketing/MLM industry with LegalShield. Responsible for recruiting, training and motivating over 1000 of her direct associates and aided in speaking across the country for the ‘sister’ associates. Diving deep into event planning; creating training events that were engaging and effective for all attendees. She was one of the top producers for the company and sought after trainer nationwide.

Nestling into the “new” (back then) world of internet marketing, Sharla followed, studied and was pretty much addicted to the concept of digital marketing and business strategies.

It was time to take the plunge to the next venture.

Gravity Junction was born in 2009.

“I had no clue my path would lead to here (Gravity Junction) but I’ve never felt so professionally fulfilled, inspired and adore what I do every single day.”


Be Bold.
Be Helpful.
Be Creative.
Be Effective.

Gravity Junction, LLC may be a full service marketing agency and web development shop, but at the core Sharla’s entire mission is to help other businesses thrive.

“Helping to take a company barely on the map, with low sales and change it all-that’s what I live for.”

Creating brand stories, marketing collateral or laying out the user experience and flow to a website are really just tools and processes that help each one of Gravity Junction’s clients.

“From coast to coast, continent to continent, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most creative business owners, thought leaders and incredible entrepreneurs … I’m surrounded by fantastic individuals who work hard to get the most out of life.”


Sharla is also one of the founding partners of the largest business networking organization, The Mountain M+arty Party, with her partners in North Georgia & Western North Carolina. These M+arty Party monthly events may be one of the greatest reflections of Sharla’s tenacious, out of the box, fun-loving self. Sick of boring, stuffy and outplayed traditional networking/leads groups-Sharla and her partners created a super hip and trendy organization that’s been running strong since 2014.

“We don’t charge a dime for our monthly events, we give free food away, free booze, cross promote tons of local business professional and we cultivate an environment where we Do Business by Making Friends.”

The Mountain M+arty Party is a zero pressure spot to just enjoy great professionals.

Sharla also sits on the board of Work, Play, Love (WPL). A 501c3 Non-Profit organization responsible for building an entire girls’ orphanage, helping to build a girls school and supporting a boys’ orphanage in Guatemala.

“I’m inspired by WPL’s founder, Kim Melia; she’s spent years helping children who may not even be on this planet had it not been for her drive and dedication.”


Sharla seems to bleed marketing; always paying attention to the most random slogans, attracted to logos, fascinated with PR stunts and beautiful made signs advertising anything.

She’s not the run of the mill woman.

She’s a sister, daughter, wife, mother of five and grandmother. She loves living a more holistic, organic, energy efficient life.


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