Why Google Workspace Wins At Email Marketing

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A necessary evil in today’s business world.

Hate it or love it, regardless, you have to have it, PERIOD.

We’ve come a long way from the early 90s email dominator AOL.

We will forever remember the CDs that seemingly everyone in the neighborhood got and the ever so memorable sound that alerted you every time an email hit your inbox.

With hundreds of emails coming in a week, and for some of us a day, it’s a wonderful thing that we don’t have to hear that, “You’ve got mail” sound each time we get a new email. We would want to throw our computers out the window.

However, you would be crazily mistaken if you thought that no one uses AOL anymore. Believe it or not, over 2.1 million still have this antiquated service. 

I can tell you now that when any technologically savvy, digital marketing professional sees an AOL email address, there’s an instant laugh and thought of ridiculousness. It sounds sad, but it’s true. In the world of email marketing, AOL is simply not a part of the equation.

If you are still running a business with an AOL or free email address, I can tell you that will simply not cut it for several reasons:

  1. You have chosen to use a less than optimal piece of technology.
  2. Email notifications from your website, the deliverability plummets.
  3. You look like a less than savvy business owner.

Undoubtedly, Google is a powerhouse company bringing some of the best technology and tools to business owners around the globe. Don’t be fooled though, G-Mail, although a Google product, is not for professionals or businesses, but rather for personal use.

So, what can you do if you have a free email account through G-Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail. or even currently paying for AOL?

You need a domain-specific email address!

In business, the reality is that small things like what’s behind the @ sign actually really matters. So, give your business a leg up by choosing the best technology for email marketing.

g-suite-emails-promo-discount-20%-gravity-junctionGoogle’s Domain Specific Email Services – Google Workspace


They are experts.

In short, there’s no other place to buy your domain-specific email addresses; Google’s G-Suite is the place to be.

Google Workspace email services are more than affordable, easy to set up, simple to operate & will give you a leg up when trying to appease the Google gods in regards to SEO. In the day and age where digital marketing is a must, as a business owner, you have to join the status quo and get your ducks in a row.

Google Workspace 20% DISCOUNT

As if Google doesn’t already have incredible pricing for G-Suite domain-specific emails, we have a 20% discount code for the first FIVE people. Take action today! Reach out to us here at Gravity Junction, Atlanta’s best digital marketing agency, for more tips and tricks catered to your email marketing needs


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