Down Dog Meets the Interwebs

Yoga Web Designer At Your Service

Deciding you need to have a new website created is very exciting, but sometime selecting a web designer can be more than an anxiety filled process.  Web designers often have the challenge of effectively communicating with their clients, because often they speak a foreign language that’s hard to comprehend.  Rest assured the owner of Gravity Junction Web Design & Marketing, Sharla Patrick, changes this scenario entirely.  Sharla and her team have been building custom WordPress Sites for over 8 years now and one of the reasons they continue to have repeat customers, is that she’s a certified Yoga Instructor…a Yoga Web Designer, if you will.

Why does it matter that she’s a Yoga Web Designer?

I thought we were talking about websites here???

Sharla gives individual time we each of her clients, speaking to them in “normal” terms, while educating them on some nerd talk that may be required in the process. Unlike other web designers, who may consider themselves expert nerds, Sharla is an effective communicator and marketer, grounded in philosophies that keep her calm, peaceful, understanding, all stemming from Yoga.

Sharla has over 500 hours of Yoga training and adores both the physical and philosophical aspects of her practice, which effectively brings her close to her clients and gives her the “speakability” to communicate in a way that connects, educates and empowers.

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The “Vitamix” of Yoga, Marketing & Web Design

With a business background since she was an egg in utero, Sharla Patrick may not have fit in with her piers at a younger age, but now proves to be a powerhouse of marketing and business for all her clients.  Although she’s had business success with almost every venture she’s taken, she’s found her home as a “Yoga Web Designer”.

You may not know what Yoga is, you may not like Yoga, that’s ok.

You may not be into Yoga, that’s perfectly fine too.

Regardless of the industry you are in, Sharla’s approach to the web design business is to build up her clients, to educate her clients and to incorporate all her business and marketing expertise while staying grounded, calm, and in the flow of creativity.

In this way, Sharla is the perfect web designer to develop your website, that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but represents you well and drives clients to buy what you are selling.

She’s the perfect blend of Yoga, Marketing & Web Design, that proves to be a wonderful mix for all her clients.

Having Sharla and her team work for you, designing your new WordPress Website, may just be the most comfortable and enjoyable business experience you have.

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