DIY Web Design vs. Professional Web Developers

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DIY Web Design vs Professional Web Developers

To Hire a Web Designer, or Do It Yourself?

That is the question…

Many small business owners, find themselves in a state of massive inspiration.

Jazzed up and more than excited, to be their own boss…

You may be in that space right now yourself.

As a proud American, who believes in commercialism and consumerism,
it’s great to have so many fellow citizens entering the world of business ownership.

Seems like, as dreamers, we all want to “take over the world”, thinking that our product, good, or service is the “cat’s pajama’s”.

Quickly to realize there is way more the business ownership than having the “best widget in town” that we feel sure is going to make us millions and retire us at a young age.

To be our own boss…

To live free.

Now it’s time to open up shop.

But you need a website.

Your cousin Earl, said “he would create a website for free”.

Woot woot!

Imagine having a major heart condition, and your best friend said they watched some YouTube videos on how to be the best heart surgeon, when he/she is a car mechanic.

There is no way in the world you would have heart troubles and rely upon the rudimentary skills of an auto mechanic to fix your heart.

So many times unexperienced, “non-techy”, business owners decide they want to “save money” by doing one of two things…

1. Let their “cousin Earl” do it for them.
2. Do it themselves.

Understandably, both seem like viable options, but the question at hand is…

Most noteworthy question: Will you get the look, the system, and the results you really need to run a professional business that your customer & Google consider AMAZING???

More than likely NOT!

Deadly Reasons Websites Fail.


  • Fail to Plan.
    Much like 95% of business fail in the first 5 years, planning has much to do with this. Remember a website is just as important as your brick and mortar business. Let’s hope that you put some thought, time and planning resources into your physical location and put as much into your online presence.


    • Lack of Professional Content.
      Most business owners, when asked the question, “do you have content for your site?”
      Reply “No, but I can write myself.” Unless you are a copywriter, familiar with Search Engine Optimization, creating content
      on your own will most likely fall short in the eyes of Google.
      More often than not we also find, that beyond professional content, people think
      snagged photos from facebook or low resolution logos will be perfect for their website.
      This couldn’t be further from the truth. Logos and media files need to be in high resolution and zero should be captured from Facebook if you want to have any respect online. Invest in a professional photographer, videographer and graphic designer for these things; only if you care about the results your website produces. 99Designs.com is a great resource for Logo Creation>>>


    • To Cheap to Update.
      More often than not, most entrepreneurs who have a web site built, think that alone is good enough.
      Many don’t understand the reality of Google requirements in ranking sites. Website owners choose not to personally update or pay someone to regularly update their site with content…this means daily, weekly and monthly. I liken this to investing in a store front when you only have a customer service rep saying
      hello to customers a couple times a week. Google loves content and you have to be adding some all the time, over and over and over.


  • Lack of Professionalism.
    I recently needed my carpets steam cleaned, 1200 square feet. I rented a do it yourself carpet cleaner from Home Depot. After many hours, making a rather large mess and taking me away from my family and business, I finished. Only to look at the job I’d done and instantly got on the phone to hire the real professional carpet cleaners. The professionals came in, thoroughly cleaned and removed stains I was unable to, in about 1/4 the time. Had I hired them the first time, the job would have been completed in way less time and a much better job at that. This is much the same case with do it yourself web design…people think it’s super simple and to save money, seems like a decent option. Usually to find out, it’s not simple, takes way to much time and in the end doesn’t produce what’s needed and wanted.

Let’s take a gander at the differences in designing a website on your own, versus hiring the pros to do it for you!

Gitter’ Done!

In conclusion, I think you get the point here.

It’s a way better idea to have your website created by professionals.

Who wants to spin their wheels, learning all that’s really needed to develop a website, not only for your customers but for the likings of Google (and all other search engines for that matter)?!?!?

Above all, going the professional route will save you more of your precious time; your most valuable commodity.

Don’t fall prey to the fancy commercials for DIY website design, hire professionals from the get go.

Consequently, you will have a great web presence and sleep well at night knowing you didn’t have to do it yourself!

Above all, you will have a team to call upon to continuously help you update, modify and amplify your website, making it better and better as you progress in your business.


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