What the hell is SupaNova?

Unlocking Your Brand's Potential.

The world usually works with typically one of two shops…
1.”My, insert family member name, does that.” Resulting in no support of any kind.
2. The big box shops who treat you like a number and produce lackluster results.

The alternative is a collective of people working somewhere between those two. Then it just comes to who those people are. We are a collective of business owners bound together with one mission, ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS. As entrepreneurs, we’ve each had our bright and successful moments. We’ve discovered that together, we are better, we are brighter, we are SupaNova!
In astronomy, Supernova is when a star explodes; when it does, it ejects its star material all over its universe. Making a star go Supernova takes a massive increase in energy and reaction from that energy.

We are the energy when you can’t be anything more than what you are, when you want to take it up a notch, expand your product line, launch a brand new business, increase revenue, when you need to get a reaction that makes a lasting impact…it’s time for SupaNova.

SupaNova to us means, we know ourselves, talents, skills, and limitations; we lean on each other to fill those gaps. Our team has been comprised of people that constantly fill these gaps. We are proud to say that 100% of our team is actively engaged in every project we do. Even the members of our team that don’t talk to the customer, help us guide and shape the project, strategies, and objectives to have the highest results possible.

Web Design

No need to bore you with a word salad to sell you a website, you already know you need one, and we can help.


It’s not 1969, the year of the landing of the moon … software runs the world. Let us help you “get with the program!” (see what we did there?) Queue cymbals-edge


NASA didn’t lead the Apollo missions and inspire a nation by setting the rate of failure. They weaved an intriguing story that captivated the world. That’s BRANDING!


Stars can be seen from billions of miles away as long as the strength of their light is pointing in the right direction, with the right marketing plan your business can be the beacon you need it to be, shining brightly!

the SupaNova Way

  • We Create
  • We Inspire
  • We Develop
  • We Expand

Creativity is Our Super Power.

Creativity is our super power. The best way to get to really good ideas is sometimes thru a field of really terrible ones. A tight nit team that’s willing to be vulnerable, think of something terrible to get to something good, helps us keep all options on the table. Breaking down the barriers to traditional marketing and branding. No boxes’ here, no templates, no packages … your business and brand are unique, you deserve the best creativity.

Inspire the Unengaged to Take Action.

One way of describing your prospects and lets be honest even some of your clients, is unengaged. The best way to get people engaged in 2020 is to act on small attention spans with cool shiny objects. You may or may not know what that shiny object is, that’s our job, to inspire your audience.
Websites, apps, software, I mean you are using one of them right now-aren’t you engaged?!?!

Develop an Ecosystem to Continuously Thrive.

We didn’t stop at just brining in talent for the next big project. With all transparency, we probably have more people than we actually need but it’s so we never have to say no to what your brand needs. Can we build an augmented reality application to show your product in the actual environment they would put it in? SURE. But you probably just need some social media help. Point is, oh yeah, we develop.

Expand Every Inch of Possible Opportunity.

You’ve probably heard the statement of “focus in your own backyard”? There’s more success to be had “down the street.” That’s the definition of expand. We expand you down the street. Wherever you consider your backyard today, we try to unlock the whole universe. Where do you want to be that’s different from where you are today? Who’s in your universe you are talking to or able to reach? Let’s expand your brand!

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