How do I hard refresh my browser?

Sometimes, you may also need to hard refresh the browser. Here are some easy shortcuts to do this for each browser type:



Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button.
Or, Hold down Ctrl and press F5.
Open the Chrome Dev Tools by pressing F12. Once the chrome dev tools are open, just right click on the refresh button and a menu will drop down. This menu gives you the option of doing a hard refresh, or even clearing the cache and do a hard refresh automatically.


Hold ⇧ (Shift) and click the Reload button.
Or, hold down ⌘ (Cmd) and ⇧ (Shift) key and then press R.

Mozilla Firefox and Related Browsers:


Hold the Ctrl key and press the F5 key.
Or, hold down Ctrl and ⇧ (Shift) and then press R.

Hold down the ⇧ (Shift) and click the Reload button.
Or, hold down ⌘ (Cmd) and ⇧ (Shift) and then press R.

Internet Explorer:

Hold the Ctrl key and press the F5 key.
Or, hold the Ctrl key and click the Refresh button.

Why marketing is a good major.

Marketing is a great major because it’s an extremely versatile area of study that can lead to endless of in-demand, high paying careers. Marketing majors have the potential for increased job satisfaction, on-going education opportunities, and income anywhere from $50k to $200k per year.

What marketing jobs are there?

Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Email Marketing Manager, Web Content Writer, Web Producer, Product Manager, Marketing Analyst, Advertising Coordinator, Advertising Manager, Public Relations Manager, Brand Manager, Media Buyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Director, eCommerce Manager. 

Believe it or not, these are just a handful! There is an extremely wide range of jobs one can choose as their marketing expertise.

What marketing means.

Marketing is the business or act of elevating and selling products or services via advertising + market research.

Why marketing is important.

Marketing is the language between your audience and your brand. It’s the way in which you communicate with potential customers to form a relationship. The bottom line of any business is to make money, and marketing helps sell your products or services.

How marketing and sales work together.

Marketing and sales must have a balanced, harmonious relationship. Both communicate very important details to each other. Marketing must provide sales with information about the customer base. Sales must provide marketing with information about leads. Marketing supports sales in understanding campaign tactics. Sales help tell marketing why a tactic WON’T work with a particular consumer.

How marketing helps business.

Utilizing strategic marketing means MASSIVE results for growing your business. Marketing keeps your customers “in-the-know”, engaged + entertained, and satisfied with a strong sense of your reputation. And, if that wasn’t all, marketing continually brings NEW customers in.

What marketing does.

Marketing allows businesses and brands to get their product out there. Marketing creates an image and feeling that consumers can associate with a particular product or brand. This helps businesses create a larger client base and make more sales.

What marketing managers do.

A marketing manager oversees the marketing efforts of a company or brand. This includes but is not limited to creating ad campaigns online, overseeing brand cohesiveness, making decisions about social media, and deciding what supplemental materials a business may need to succeed.

Why marketing research is important.

Market research is essential because it is the best way to track your progress, current trends, and how to best adjust for the longevity of success for your business. Marketing research is how you locate both your current customers and prospective customers’ pain points; what they NEED from your business and what gaps your business still needs to fill. Intelligence and insight into your marketing means less risk and more reward in your business decisions.

Why marketing is like matchmaking.

Matchmaking can be compared to fitting together pieces of a puzzle. So can marketing. Consumers have the need, producers have the solution, and marketing is the avenue in which both meet.

What marketing era are we in now?

We are in a social marketing era, often associated with digital marketing. Companies are investing their marketing efforts in creating a personal bond with their potential customers by showing the humanness of their business. Social media has played a large part in breaking down the social barrier between customers and companies, reinforcing this social marketing era.

What marketing job is right for me?

Jobs in marketing are worked by people with a number of different skills. To find the right marketing job for you, think about what you truly enjoy. If you like creative processes, you may consider social media marketing. If you like to write and have a mind for storytelling, you may want to look into copywriting. If you like to look at performance numbers and create strategies, brand management may be the right path for you. Different marketing jobs require different skillsets; find one that is in line with what you like to do.

Why marketing is important for small business.

Without a strong, catchy chorus, a song can fade into background music, right? Strong marketing is what ensures your small business does not disappear in all of the competing noise. Marketing builds a small business’s brand and fosters recognition. Marketing for small businesses fuels healthy competition, throws your hat in the ring, boosts sales, builds a consistent client-base, and stamps your small business’s mark on the world.

When marketing goes wrong

Marketing can go wrong. There are many elements to marketing, making it easy for things to go awry if a marketing strategy is not carefully curated. When marketing goes wrong, it’s important that a company have a proactive approach to making things right. However, the best defense to marketing gone wrong is a proper offense. Quality control is absolutely necessary to prevent mistakes. Marketing is a game of publicity, and it is absolutely essential that you make sure you’re putting your best foot forward because good marketing efforts are to be seen. However, if you make a marketing mistake that impacts your reputation, don’t be prideful. Humans are behind marketing. Humans make mistakes. Always be genuine, through the good and the bad.

Where marketing research would be helpful

Marketing research is helpful before you even draft your marketing campaign. Once you’ve done your marketing research, you can implement a more successful marketing campaign since you will have obtained information about your target audience and what grabs their attention. You should perform marketing research regularly to make sure your marketing efforts are having the right effect on the right people.

Where marketing starts and where marketing ends

Marketing starts before your customer even knows who you are. Digital marketing forces you to lead with your image and purpose before your name. Marketing never ends, it just becomes more meaningful the closer you get to a sale. You start a marketing campaign to pique the interest of potential customers, but utilizing marketing techniques throughout the customer’s journey to a purchase is also important.

Where marketing ends branding begins

It is hard to market something that is not branded, thus branding should come first. When branding your business and product, it is a good idea to consider how you can market your brand. Marketing and branding are both creative processes grounded in their ability to impact an audience. Marketing and branding should both be continuous efforts for business owners.

When marketing on twitter brands should...

When marketing on Twitter, brands should play it cool and fast. Twitter is one of the fastest moving social media sites where everyone is interested in participating in the conversation. Keep things to the point, and have fun.

When marketing is strategy

Marketing is strategy when there is a marketing plan put into place to target potential customers. This often includes checking engagement metrics of prior marketing efforts and deciding what has and will work the best in the future to get people’s attention.

When marketing to consumers in the global population

Marketing to consumers in the global population can be a difficult feat as most marketing efforts are localized or targeted toward a specific audience. The key to a marketing campaign that targets “everyone” is to find a common ground between your company and everyone else. An alternative method would be to create smaller, separate marketing campaigns that are targeted toward specific regions as values tend to differ across the globe.

When marketing started

What we know as marketing today started in the late 1800s with the birth of the Industrial Revolution. As more commercial products were being created, a need to get the word out about products in a competitive market arose. This was especially accentuated post-WWI in America when commercialization of products and nuclear households became more prominent. However, sales & bartering is one of the oldest human interactions known to man. Creating a demand for a product and engaging in sales has been around since the establishment of the earliest civilizations.

Where marketing occurs

Marketing occurs everywhere. Digital marketing has made that statement even truer. A well-thought out marketing strategy includes making sure the personality of a business is highlighted at every place a potential customer may come in contact with a brand, whether that be online, locally, or in a physical place of business.

Ongoing marketing

Having an ongoing marketing plan is a good idea for any business. Since good marketing is built on momentum, businesses shouldn’t ever pause their marketing efforts. Marketing efforts should be consistent and updated on a regular basis.

Where marketing is used

Marketing is used in businesses and brands across the globe. In this digital age, anyone with an endeavor can benefit from marketing themselves, especially online. Marketing is used on social media, in stores, on television commercials, on billboards, during Google searches, etc. Any place where your business can be introduced to a potential customer is marketing.

Which marketing career is right for me

To figure out what marketing career is right for you, first find out what you value and would like to spend your time doing. There are so many different career options for those interested in marketing that regardless of your interest, there is likely a position for you in marketing.

Are marketing and advertising the same thing?

No, they are not. Marketing is comprised of four elements or phases. 1. Products & Services that are being brought to market. 2. Pricing. Pricing could be based upon perceived value, margins or industry standards. 3. Supply or Placement, that involves distribution channel selection, partial or exclusive distribution, and possibly franchising. Placement can also revolve around the outlets where sales are conducted: store front and/or online. 4.Promotions. This is precisely where advertising falls; communicating messages about the brand on any physical or digital platform.

Are marketing and sales the same?

No, they are not. Marketing and sales are two critical functions in business, yes. And, sales and marketing both impact the generation of leads and revenue–that’s for sure. However, from a high level, marketing is the process of snagging the attention of interested parties in whatever it is that you are selling. Whereas sales refers to any and all activities that lead up to the sale of services and products. Technically, marketing is a part of the sales process.

Are marketing expenses tax deductible?

We are by no means CPA’s, Tax Attorneys, or even bookkeepers. However, in our experience more often times than not you may be able to obtain tax deductions for a good portion of marketing expenses. Don’t take this answer at face value though. Refer to a certified professional expert to get the final answer.

Can marketing influence consumers’ decisions?

Yes! The main goal for marketing is to increase the market share by bringing in and keeping new customers. The most effective way to do this is through marketing analytics; observing and tracking consumer behavior. The main ways marketing influences customer decisions are through advertising, emotional engagement, shaping of context, trendsetting, and attention management.

Can marketing create a need?

Marketing does not create a need, but instead satisfies them. An example of this would be how thirst is a biological need. When watching a commercial for Coca-Cola, marketers are playing off of a need that’s already there, and then suggesting (or persuading) you to remedy that need with their product.

Can marketing managers have tattoos?

It depends on where you work, and what the culture is like. Many PR or marketing agencies are filled with people who have full sleeves. However, sometimes you can find agencies that are very corporate. So long as you’re able to cover yours when needed, employees are typically just fine. A good rule of thumb is keeping them covered for an interview or first impression.

Can marketing be a minor?

Definitely. A marketing minor allows students the flexibility to pursue specific areas of marketing. With a marketing minor, students can explore things like advertising, sales, marketing research, international marketing, or consumer behavior.

Can marketing itself be innovative?

Of course. There is actually a marketing method that is specifically called “innovation marketing.” Being innovative in marketing means finding new methods that differ significantly from a company’s “normal” way of doing things. Finding new marketing strategies to increase sales and profits is the name of the game.

How marketing has changed.

In the 1980s there were door-to-door sales. With telephones, we got telemarketers. Pan to 2020, and the marketing world has changed drastically. There are over a dozen kinds of marketing and each requires specialized skills. With social media becoming mainstream, technology has made the world a more connected place and marketing is no longer limited to being traditional.

How marketing works.

Marketing is the process of getting people amped up about your company, product, and/or service. How does marketing work? Through market research + analysis and understanding your ideal customer’s highest interests. Marketing works in a fashion similar to business: product development, sales, distribution methods, and advertising.

How marketing is changing.

How’s it not changing? It’s changing from one week to the next. One of the biggest changes we’re seeing in 2020 is that marketing is no longer merely a function of your business, but now an experience. And that experience is no longer a guessing game. Hard data is gathered and teams are collaborating analytically in order to serve up EXACTLY what consumers want to consume. Down to every click, comment, share, or purchase.

How marketing has changed during COVID.

Consumer behaviors have changed drastically. People are changing the way they shop, creating a greater distance between shoppers and stores. COVID has forced marketers to step back and rethink their strategies. “Digital” marketing is no longer something to strive for; it is absolutely required during this pandemic.

How marketing is influenced by recent trends.

Marketing trends ensure you’re ahead of the curve in knowing your audience: who they are + what they need. Tuning in and adjusting to changes in the market can save you money. By communicating your message in the way that your audience CURRENTLY responds to best, you can increase your earnings. Practicing relevant ways to engage with your audience can make you stand out amongst your competitors.

What's the most popular Content Management System (CMS)?

By far WordPress is the top Content Management System (CMS). Netcraft reports over 75,000,000 websites are published on WordPress. 34% of the internet is powered with WordPress; that’s called a clue. Making this open source CMS, what we like to call, “the 800 pound gorilla”.

What's the difference between marketing and branding?

Branding is who you. Marketing is what you do with your brand. Marketing continuously utilizes different tactics and strategies but branding is what sticks. Think of branding as the DNA of your business. How you distribute the DNA is marketing.

I don't have a blog. Should I still use WordPress?

WordPress websites do not have to contain a blog at all and are still the #1 suggested CMS for just about any business, organization or mission.

What's the difference between a mobile application and a mobile responsive/friendly website?

First things first, mobile-friendly is the same thing as responsive. This means a site has a design to accommodate both desktops, tablets & mobile phones. Having a mobile responsive website does mean that anyone on a smartphone or tablet can easily view and navigate your site. However, mobile applications for smartphones/tablets are entirely separate applications, developed in different environments and not accessible on a browser. Websites can’t be found in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, whereas mobile applications are.

What the heck is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are app-like websites, with functionality to download to your home screen like your other mobile apps. PWA’s aren’t required to be downloaded in the Apple or Google Play Store but can be. One of the biggest benefits of a PWA is that if the app is updated by developers, users don’t have to update the app. The updates are automatic. PWA’s are typically faster than web applications and can offer push notifications. They can also be run on your phone or in the browser of your choice.

Does my business need to be on social media?

More than 90% of all businesses find that social media marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to gain share in the marketplace. The cost of entry is low and visibility is high. The trick is finding the platform(s) where your potential buyers are and focus there. It’s not effective to attempt and create a market on a platform versus choosing a platform where your market is already present.

How often should I update my website?

Google loves new content, so more is better. At a bare minimum, it’s recommended you update at least once a month.

Do I need a blog on my website?

No, you don’t have to have a blog on your site. Just know a blog is one of the easiest ways to continuously add content that Google is looking for to rank your site. Brochure sites without a blog typically require a paid advertising campaign and usually don’t rank organically.

How much should a social media manager cost?

You may find a low-cost intern that does a decent job, but a great social media manager can cost you $30,000-$100,000 depending on their experience and efficacy.

What should a social media manager do for me?

A social media manager should work alongside a CMO, helping to create campaigns that support the overall marketing goals. This includes creating content, media that supports that content, interacting with users, building relationships with followers and responding to any outreach. Social media managers should always be on the lookout for new trends and capitalize on them, on behalf of your company.

What are branding guidelines and do I need them?

Branding guidelines and style sheets are the specks that outline, at the very least, your logo, logo variations, font(s) and color schemes. This sets the standard for both digital and print marketing and advertising. A robust branding guideline could dig deeper into your brand and include missions, goals, brand voice/tone and mood boards that set the standard for media that represents your company. Branding guidelines can even outline how the logo is to be used in different media.

How much should I spend on Google Ads?

This depends on the industry you’re in and your competition. Google will always recommend an amount to be spent but you can set a budget that is lower or higher.

How much should a logo design cost me?

You get what you pay for here. You can get a logo for as cheap as $5 on sites like fiverr.com. Typically these are less than amazing logos but can get the job done. For logos like Nike, even something as simple as the swoosh could cost around $100,000. If you are a small to a mid-sized company you are probably looking at anywhere between $1,000-$10,000 for a great logo. When you work with professional designers, you should expect many logo files. This includes full color, black, white and multiple file formats for all applications (jpeg, png, pdf). You will also be provided with all elements (favicon, text only, full logo), and all editable files (psd, eps, or ai).

What's Customer Reputation Management System (CRM)?

CRM’s are systems (software) whose entire goal is to help you cultivate a long-lasting relationship with leads and customers and drive sales. CRM’s will allow you to develop a repository of your customers, move them through a sales process and know where they are located in the sales process at any given point.

How long does it take to get on the first page of Google?

It could take one day or it might never happen. Getting on the first page of Google for some may happen overnight if you are lucky enough to have a site with a product/brand that’s the first in your industry. For others, competition is steep and it will take a combination of time and money to make it happen.

Should I even have a website?

Um HELL Yes. Unless you want to be left behind in the digital age, a website is a non-negotiable, much like paying the utilities for your business.

Do I need a smartphone application for my business?

This is totally dependent on your business and budget. Smartphone application development isn’t cheap and usually requires ongoing support.

What's the proper YouTube description outline for best SEO practices?

YouTube is a great way to gain SEO value when you include the proper elements in your video description. You would miss out on a golden opportunity if you uploaded a video to YouTube and didn’t optimize the description for SEO. Check out the 8 ways to capitalize on the SEO value YouTube can give your brand here: YouTube, The Underutilized SEO Powerhouse.

How can I improve my blog's SEO rankings?

SEO can be tricky for blogs since you have to write for both your customers and for the Google spiders. There are great tools out there like Yoast (for WordPress sites) that will help to ensure your article has what it needs to appease the Google ‘gods’.

What does it cost to have a website built?

Websites range in cost from $100 to six figures. Even if a cheaper site is designed beautifully, you are going to have a paperweight for a website if the developers didn’t create it with proper SEO standards.
It’s important to ensure your website developer is creating a site with not only a fantastic UX (user experience) but develops the site to be Google ‘friendly.’ There are always things in the back end that will help or hurt your SEO rankings.

What's the difference between a mobile-friendly site and a smartphone application?

Mobile-friendly websites are still “just” websites, but ones that adjust to different screen sizes for the best user experience. There is nothing to download when it comes to a mobile-friendly website; you simply access it from your browser of choice. Smartphone applications are a different beast, as they are totally separate from a website and can interact with a user’s phone, have different functionality than a website and can only be accessed through downloading on either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

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