Clubhouse, The Modern Day Treehouse

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Gone are the days where our besties would ninja crawl up the tree trunk’s rickety ladder to our private treehouse. Once safely inside, we would discuss the day’s happenings or gossip about those goofy boys down the street.

The treehouse used to be the place to get away, a haven to share our darkest secrets. No one without the secret password would ever make it past the threshold. No words spoken there would be uttered beyond the shanty walls that surrounded us, the makeshift signs we made in an attempt to keep the unwanted out hanging from a rusty nail.


In retrospect, the sign didn’t do squat, but it did make us feel like we belonged to an exclusive posse. (And let’s be honest, that posse shifted often depending on the day’s emotions.)

Regardless of the silly drama that we were determined marked the end of the world back in those days, there is a certain sweetness to those nostalgic moments.

We may not hear kids talking much about creating treehouse memories anymore. Still, recently I’ve recalled those days in my life after joining (yet another) social media platform that’s taken the globe by storm: Clubhouse.

Joining the Clubhouse Waitlist

In 2019, Paul Davison & Rohan Seth originally planned to create an app for podcasters called Talkshow.

Talkshow didn’t have a hastily scribbled “keep out” sign, but for those on Android (and even those on Apple, who didn’t get a personal invite), there was a waitlist. Of course, the operative word in that statement is WAIT.

Imagine that…lining up for an elusive app called Talkshow?

Talkshow or not, inquiring minds were locked out of this seemingly exclusive digital ecosystem and couldn’t do much more than wait, wait, wait.

As you might imagine, when the line gets too long, people leave. Thus, the necessity to wait for the launch of this app had people losing interest left and right, but the story does not end there.

In March of 2020, right when the pandemic took hold of the globe, the name Talkshow was put to rest and replaced with Clubhouse. #goodmove #muchbettername

Between a tremendous backing from investors and Davison’s necessity to keep things moving, Clubhouse got a fresh coat of paint and a shiny new doorknob, creating the app we’re obsessed with being a part of every day.

Chat With the People on Clubhouse

Unless you were a snotty biznatch back in the day, there was no dress code for those you invited into your treehouse. Our life’s motto back then was “come as you are.”

What mattered was you showed up, you hung out, and if you were extroverted (or a member of the type-A personality club), you did most of the talking while others sat and listened.

This gathering of friends to share secrets, knowledge, laughter, and debates has been absolutely recreated through Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an audio-only platform, so you can be butt-ass naked, doing your laundry, working out, or on your lunch break at work and still participate. There is never a reason to exclude yourself from the conversation.

Those little things that mattered in the treehouse days are what matter in the same way on Clubhouse now. We all just want you to show up and chat with the people (no Gucci belts or Prada bags required). #beyou

What’s Being Discussed on Clubhouse?

You may be wondering, what does one talk about on Clubhouse?

Much like the myriad of conversations you had in the treehouse, Clubhouse is equally diverse!

Subject matters run the gamut:

  • Business and all things marketing
  • Single and ready to mingle
  • Dive deep into all things spiritual
  • Explore the meaning of life
  • Understand cryptocurrency
  • Learn how to invest in real estate
  • Shoot the shit about life as a parent
  • + sooo much more

There’s no wrong way to have a conversation on Clubhouse, as long as you’re respectful.

The Perks of Casual Drop-In Audio

We were nine months into the pandemic; it was December 2020.

We were feeling more disconnected than ever before, everyone sick of the words “COVID,” “mask,” and “quarantine.” #wegetit

At that same time, 600,000 people were registered users on Clubhouse, enjoying conversations and connections from around the globe with the greatest of ease.

In a world where pictures and videos dominate, I am not sure anyone would have guessed the popularity of this audio-only platform. Still, it continued to grow as more and more conversations were being had.

By mid-February of 2021, there were more than 8.1 Million downloads of Clubhouse. #HolyShit

Add People to Clubhouse

Most exclusive country clubs require sponsors to join; Clubhouse is similar.

In hopes that you would only invite “the cool kids,” Clubhouse has implemented the invite-only method vetting process. So, you will need an invite.

DM me HERE, messaging “invite please,” and I’ll shoot you an invite!

Be aware, Clubhouse publicly displays on your profile who invited you.

Why does this matter?

In essence, you represent your “sponsor.” If you do anything shady on the app, break the rules, or just act stupid, you and your sponsor are likely to be booted from the app for life. Yes, life!

And no, you can’t get another account with another email. Your account is set up with your phone number only. So, unless you get a new phone number, once you are invited in, just mind your manners.

Drop-In Audio Conversations

There’s great beauty in the authenticity that is Clubhouse.

As an avid Clubhouse user myself, it’s apparent that the speakers & moderators are speaking their truth. They are heartfelt and genuine. It’s refreshing.

Due to the live nature of the platform, speakers are “on the spot.” Whether you know your stuff or not will be evident.

When I first joined the app, I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do.

What I Quickly Learned: It’s not considered rude or out of the ordinary to jump in and out of rooms if you don’t like what you hear. It’s perfectly okay to just move on to the next room. Finding the exact people and perfect conversations to jump into is simple, as long as you keep giving new talks a chance.

Online Anytime to Chat

Clubhouse Drop-In Audio Chat is truly a wonderful platform for you and me to instantly bond with people worldwide.main-popular-clubhouse-tik-tok-instagram-facebook-whatsapp-snapchat-youtube-twitter-screen-your-smartphone-closeup

There isn’t a second of the day that a room isn’t active. You have endless choices 24/7. No matter what odd sleeping or work schedule you have, you can hop online at any time to chat, day or night.

Podcasts vs Clubhouse

There’s no refuting the success and growth of the podcast world. You probably have a few favorites, just like we all do.

Podcasts serve a true purpose, and I’m grateful for so many wonderful ones, but there’s a massive difference between podcasts and Clubhouse.

The 2 Biggest Differences Between Clubhouse & Podcasts

  1. Truly Live Experience
    Podcasts are typically recorded and published after the conversation has taken place. Clubhouse doesn’t natively offer any type of recording. What you speak and what you hear is what you get.You may not be in the same physical location (or even on the same continent if we’re being real), but this sure does make it feel more like a real-life conversation.
  2. Instant Interaction & Connection
    Unless you are a guest on a given podcast episode, there is an irrefutable layer of separation between the host and listeners. Clubhouse is radically different, allowing users to directly interact audibly with speakers & moderators in real-time. #nofilter

Clubhouse is a Space to Start

Clubhouse takes a vastly different approach to getting and keeping you connected to other users on the app. Ironically, this connection is not within the app.

You may find people on the app that interest you, only to quickly find that, unlike almost every other social platform, there’s no way to DM (direct message).

So beyond just following a person on Clubhouse, how can you further communicate with them if you aren’t both in a room audibly chatting?

For starters, it’s all about your profile/bio, ensuring your Twitter and/or Instagram handles are included. These two social platforms DO have DM capabilities, and to stay connected to your new Clubhouse friends, you need to utilize them.

Every time I hear someone great on Clubhouse, I check their Clubhouse bio out, and 90% of the time follow them on their IG account.

Most people do this very same thing. In fact, speakers & moderators who are pros at leading a room encourage this constantly.

This cross-promotion to other platforms as a means of further communication is just dumbfoundingly cool to me. Within minutes of a room hearing you speak, listeners are encouraged to check out your bio and follow your other social accounts.

Clubhouse isn’t afraid to push you off the app; they know you will come back to the “watering-hole” that originally connected you in the first place.

I mean, not only are you connected on multiple platforms, now your follower count just increased by way of Clubhouse. #thankyou Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a great place to start connecting, but it is just that, the start!

Hear You Soon on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is now valued at somewhere around 4 Billion dollars, but there is no dollar amount that we can put on the connectivity that Clubhouse brings to the table for you and I. #priceless

I’ve been amazingly impressed and blessed at how quickly I’ve gained a new circle of friends who are thought leaders, inspirations, and who are just doing remarkable things with their life.

I’m thankful to now have friends who span across parts of the US, the United Kingdom, France, and all without leaving my house.

I hope you register and drop in soon. It’s well worth it.

I’ll hear you on Clubhouse!


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