Global Outage Affecting Facebook, Instagram, and What’s App

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Global Social Media Outage Affecting Facebook, Instagram & What’s App!

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What The … Facebook?

Update 6:00pm: Looks like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram are back up and running after 6 hour outage.

Update 4:24pm: Cloudflare VP Dane Knecht was the first to report a critical issue with the FB, Instagram, and WhatsApp outage. Beyond the DNS issue lies a bigger problem. BGP or Border Gateway Protocol. This lesser known term identifies the standardized exterior gateway protocol in place to transfer routing and reachability information. These settings are usually only ever accessed by a top Network Administrator. Without BGP announcements for DNS nameservers you are unreachable on the internet.

UPDATE 3:40pm: The world-wide Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp outage is also affecting gamers. Oculus, the VR-focused gaming system is having major system outages and report no timeframe for restoration has been established.

There are varying reports of phishing campaigns taking advantage of the outage. Malicious links promising a restoration of service are absolute scams and should be reported to phone carriers. Emails should be reported as well.

UPDATE 2:15pm: While Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp remain down, we’ve learned via the Associated Press that Facebook offices face internal communication struggles as well.  Internal communication systems at Facebook are down.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s chief officer tweeted that today feels like a “snow day“.  There’s still no word on what caused the outage but the reporting regarding the domain’s DNS records are true.  It’s been confirmed that the Domain Name System records have been withdrawn.

Marry these issues with rapidly dropping stock prices, and a PR crisis and the powers that be at Facebook are having “the worst Monday ever.”

UPDATE 1:17pm: Reports are flooding in for issues surrounding Amazon Web Services (AWS).
“We are still in the realm of speculation, we don’t know the cause yet, but it does make us look at single points of failure possibilities like Amazon Web Services.” Says Gravity Junction CTO, Michael Crawford

UPDATE 1:02pm: Facebook, Faecbook Messenger, Instagram, and What’s App are still down. Facebook Messenger app still may pull up on your phone but is unable to send or receive messages.

UPDATE 12:50pm: We’ve found that most all DNS records for Facebook have been wiped.

UPDATE 12:37pm: Andy Stone, Facebook Communications Director recently made this post on Twitter.

Andy Stone, Communications Director Facebook

UPDATE 12:35pm: Users of Amazon Cloud Services are reporting the inability to hit databases stored on the AWS Cloud; we are unsure if this is related to the Global Facebook Outage at this time.

On October 4, at approximately 11:55 am EST, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp went down. Why?

Facebook Crashes

We aren’t sure!?!?!

Here’s what we do know …

Mobile versions of these social media platforms seem to load a cached version of the sites, but desktop queries produce a “site can’t be reached” message. Users are reporting the inability to log into any platform that requires Facebook credentials.

Coincidentally or not, this event is piggybacked on the testimony of a whistleblower, Frances Haugen’s revelations that Facebook deceived the public in regards to its ability to deal with hate speech.

Could proof that Facebook and its subsidiaries chose profit over public safety be the impetus for a hack, or other disruption of service?

Check back for updates.

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