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2020 has been a doozy. This has proven especially true for businesses everywhere as they have tried to keep up with the abrupt change in the way people interact with others and their surroundings.

Coronavirus has created some tough times for everyone, and our heart especially goes out to businesses trying to navigate the oddities of existing in this present day.

It’s hard to not dwell on the tragedies. But there is one thing that has proved itself time and time again: out of the ashes, the phoenix rises. Out of tough times, real innovation is born.

Businesses Created During Tragedy

Print and radio boomed after The Great Depression, internet usage soared following the 2008 financial crisis, and COVID-19 is already changing our everyday lives in 2020.

The most challenging times in America have always been the central force of change. In the past twenty years alone, society has been changed a little by each recession. New industries bloom while some of the services we once took for granted become our saving graces.

CNBC notes how the Great Recession of 2008 cut the final string that catapulted us into a truly digital age. The whole idea of community and sharing resources became huge because:

  • People needed to make more money
  • People needed to save more money

Thus, things like Uber and Airbnb were born. The “I help you, you help me” mentality created a new structure for businesses. Tragedy ushered us into a new era of existence.

Now, with coronavirus, we are being cornered into changing once again. As business owners, we can either be victims of circumstance or innovators, taking the time to navigate foreign lands.

2020 may have brought a lot of change, but with the unknown territory comes the necessity for hope.

Businesses Thriving During COVID-19

Consider the way life looked before coronavirus. Hugs, parties, dining out regularly. As a whole, our values have shifted a little.

We refuse contact with one another out of love. We keep our distance as a sign of care and consideration. We have been forced to look and listen a little more, which is part of the reason content marketing will see businesses through COVID-19.

The businesses that will make waves post-COVID are the ones that are adamant about their content marketing practices now, regardless of how big or small. Success post-COVID will not just be a matter of circumstance but a measure of resilience and innovative marketing strategies. Even small businesses will benefit from understanding small business marketing during a time where experience is important, but image is vital.

Where are people placing their values? What businesses are benefiting? And what comes next?

Cause and Effect: Why Some Businesses are Thriving

Because we value cleanliness, cleaning services are thriving.

Because we don’t want to share common spaces with others, streaming services and subscription boxes are filling our lives with experience.

Because we’re spending a lot more time alone, therapy and self-help apps are becoming popular.

Because people are spending more time outdoors, gardening and landscaping companies are doing great.

Because people are adapting to this new way of life, businesses with an ability to cater to these recent changes are reaching new levels of success.

Even if your business isn’t a perfect fit for the current circumstances of this mind-blowing pandemic, there is still hope for your business. Making your business thrive right now amidst COVID-19 is all about thinking outside of the box, utilizing badass digital marketing strategies, and figuring out just where you need to change things up to keep up.

It is also about preparing for the future by staying connected to the present.

Adapting Your Business to the Present

Just because things have changed since COVID-19 came to town does not mean your business can’t thrive.

To find success during unprecedented times, you must adopt an evolving perspective. When you first start a business, you must admit that something about your business hope-for-business-during-coronaviruswill have to change at some point. Your “ideal” business is only ideal right now. Whether you’ve been in business for two or 22 years, you must admit the need for change.

The businesses thriving during the 2020 pandemic are the ones that reimagined their goals while focusing on one common factor: connectivity.

Staying Connected During COVID-19

“Doom and gloom” could easily be the theme for 2020.

However, “connectivity” is the 2020 theme we’re voting for.

It seems a little ironic considering “social distancing” is a popular phrase in all of our vocabularies. Still, if anything is true, humans are social creatures who are all sorts of stubborn. We have found ways to connect despite the need for physical distance. This new connectedness is the road businesses should be on.

How Connection is Key During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Connection to Friends

Gaming and live streaming have both seen MASSIVE influxes since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Online gaming encourages engagement and helps people feel like they’re part of a larger purpose, both things that are essential to living a fulfilling life, and both things that coronavirus made nearly impossible.

Meanwhile, Twitch, a common platform for gamers, was met by a whole new crowd of people focused on a somewhat unorthodox small business marketing strategy. Musicians, artists, YouTubers, and everyone in-between flocked to Twitch during lockdown to keep their audience engaged.

Outside of video games and live streaming and into traditional gaming, Jackbox Games is one business that was perfectly placed for growth during the pandemic.

Jackbox started years ago as a gaming company that created games around everyday technology, with players using their phones to input answers into the game. During COVID-19, this became a saving grace. With the aid of Zoom, families, and friends could come together for game nights once again. Jackbox grew from 100 million total users in 2019 to 110 million between March and June 2020 alone.

Connection to Community

Delivery Services have picked up in popularity since the start of COVID-19. Besides delivery services benefiting customers by making life a little easier during hectic times, local delivery has helped communities support the businesses they love.

When non-essential businesses closed in most places across the United States, there was undoubtedly worry. However, as businesses started to adapt to the circumstances, offering delivery and pickup, many communities rallied behind their local businesses to ensure they stayed afloat.

Connection to Education

Tutoring businesses and online children’s educational resources are rocking right now, with so many children across the United States still utilizing remote learning.

However, it’s not just the children that are learning. Online courses for adults have also boomed. Coursera, for example, grew its base by eight-times since March 2020. virtual-learning-during-covidOne health course on Coursera saw half a million people sign up in a single weekend.

Because quarantine pulled people out of environments that encouraged collaboration, a focus on self was essential to coping and encouraging personal growth. Self-help sites knew what this moment meant, as many offered extended free trials to help ease the collective culture shock.

These businesses saw an opportunity and took it. Those opportunities have helped others. Taking advantage of people is not the same as taking advantage of circumstance. To thrive, businesses must acknowledge and adapt to life’s hardships and invest in the uncertainties.


Not knowing what comes next is an essential part of being hopeful. Hope is based on our faith in what comes next. When it comes to our businesses, we must remain optimistic that we can adapt to the future. Our point of view must be ever-changing, and our minds must be open to new ways of doing business. If we aren’t ready for change, the currents will sweep us away.

Part of keeping up is being connected. The largest part of being connected is being present online. The leader of connection is technology, which is why we invest our efforts here at Gravity Junction into content marketing for a digital world. Digital marketing is one part of a necessary commitment to evolving your business.

For more information about getting your business the attention it deserves online, visit our blog. Check out The Next Normal for Retail to find out more about small business marketing during and after COVID-19.

Gravity Junction is a full-scale marketing firm focused on allowing businesses to thrive in a digital space. Digital marketing is our specialty, helping brands take their passion and display it for the world to see. Let us help you figure out what comes next for your business. Contact us for more information.

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