Learning in 2020: Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Let’s go back to a time of magic and splendor. The year: 2019. The accessory of choice: not a facemask. Travel restrictions: what are those? Education: classrooms, gyms, and community centers were the hottest spots for children and adults alike to learn. Oh, the good old days.

Although it started according to plan, 2020 took a turn in mid-March. Now, with autumn on the horizon, we are still scratching our heads, wondering what is going on. As we continue pushing through this year we’re all wondering, how will education continue to evolve throughout the coronavirus pandemic?

As a group of marketers, web developers, and digital experts, we’ve noticed a trend in online education during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are traditional students, ranging from elementary to graduate school, partaking in online learning in droves, adults with extra time on their hands and the desire to master a new skill are hopping on the virtual bandwagon as well.

Online Education Surges During the Coronavirus Pandemiconline-learning-during-covid

According to an article from Fox Business, “The business of selling skills online — from art to coding — has been booming during the pandemic. Online educators say adults are making time to learn during the lockdown, joining millions of children and college students taking classes at home and adding to the raft of in-home activities gaining in popularity.”

Skillshare, an online learning community where subject matter experts can share educational videos to customers who purchase a yearly subscription, tripled its daily viewership from 2019 to March 16, 2020 (the day before New York and California enforced shelter-in-place rules).

Skillshare isn’t the only online learning platform that experienced a massive boom in users since the pandemic took hold.

Online Education By The Numbers

  • Coursera Inc. reported that 10 million people had signed up for classes during the spring of 2020, a 600% increase from the prior year. Understandably, classes focused on well-being were of the most popular.
  • Codecademy, a platform that teaches coding, doubled its users from February 2020 to May 2020.
  • Udemy Inc. a platform that offers more than 100,000 videos and courses, quadrupled users from February 2020 to March 2020.

Brick and Mortar: Pivoting to Online Education for Survival

While organizations that originally offered online courses saw an increase in subscribers, businesses that weren’t primarily in an online format had to pivot with little to no warning.

Mike Dunphy, a writing teacher at Gotham Writers Workshop Inc. went from teaching one in-person course a week to teaching two and three classes each week via Zoom, doubling and tripling profits. Gotham Writers Workshop Inc. president, Alex Steele noted that in April, the school saw a 36% increase in revenue.

The Chopping Block, a Chicago-based recreational cooking school known for its creative cuisine and fun atmosphere had two choices: close shop until who knew when, or take their efforts fully online. They chose the latter, offering virtual demonstration classes and virtual cooking classes, both using Zoom to connect with ambitious at-home chefs.

The classes have been completely online for five months and are still going strong. Multiple classes are offered weekly, teaching amateur cooks how to make dishes like creamy risotto with sauteed shrimp and buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy. They even offer classes for want-to-be mixologists, including a Tequila 101 course.

Helping Our Clients Pivot for Online Education Success

Like the aforementioned brands, we’ve also worked with our clients to pivot their products and services to adapt to new formats during the coronavirus pandemic.

Video Resources

MEAH Health Navigation is an organization that helps families live their best lives by keeping clients at home safely and with dignity by linking together their clients’ whole health story. As the liaisons between loved ones and medical professionals, insurance companies, and medical device companies, the folks at MEAH are experts in finding and securing exceptional care.

While they’re the pros, MEAH wants to give you the tools to provide the same level of care for your loved ones. They will soon be launching a 6-week comprehensive course that will prepare you for caring for your loved one. Topics include advocacy, planning for the future, preparing for tough conversations, professionals that can help you, and more.

Your Health Defender, founded by Certified Nutritional Consultant, Theresa AuCoin, is taking the content of her website and expanding on it through an online series, titled, “Your Health Defender Show.” The series will feature Theresa and guests discussing commonly overlooked health freedoms in an easily consumable platform.

education-during-covid19Online Academy

Legendary business guru and leadership expert, John Addison, led Primerica as they cut ties with CitiGroup during the Great Recession. After retiring, Addison still had a passion to help others become leaders and launched Addison Leadership Group, a brand inspiring others to be the change the world needs right now.

Aside from that, Addison is currently launching a virtual leadership academy designed for folks to learn how to become an effective leader from the comfort of their homes. The academy offers videos, exercises, and articles created and curated by Addison to help you become the leader the world desperately needs.

What’s next?

While we can’t answer what’s coming down the road three months, three weeks or even three days from now, we think it’s safe to assume that the online education trend will only continue to grow. Are you a brand trying to find you footing in these uncertain times? We would love to connect and learn how we could help strengthen your brand!


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