How to Save Your Business from the Top 4 Social Media Sins

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The little red notification dot lingering over every social media app can drive even the most socially-inclined, sane person absolutely mad. As a business owner, you welcome the dot. The dot is exciting. The dot represents interaction, potential new connections, and interest in your business! We love the dot!

Comparable to the “ah, finally!” feeling you get when you reach the bottom of your email inbox, there is divine satisfaction in being so caught up with your social media engagements that the little red dot no longer litters your home screen.

You know, and we know the effort put into managing social media accounts. We also know that social media is an absolute necessity for running a business in this day and age.

We aren’t know-it-alls, promise, but another thing we know is this: Social media and social media marketing isn’t budging. It will undeniably be a part of our life, so how you approach social media content as a business needs to be well thought out and borderline strategic.

4 Common Social Media Sins Businesses Are Making

1. Looking at social media as a short-term marketing strategy. Social media marketing is not just “for now.” It’s forever. Therefore, you can’t just be making “for now” decisions on your social media accounts. A good social media marketing strategy considers the now, the tomorrow, and the upcoming year. A marketer specializing in social media can help you set goals for your business, create content for your social media channels that bring you new clients, and create an impression on your audience that encourages them to stick around for the longevity of your business. Social media marketing is not just about creating a following; it’s about creating potential.

2. Using Facebook as a universal login. Using Facebook as a universal login. In the same vein as #1, if you’re using Facebook for your login on Yelp or Canva (or the McDonald’s app), you aren’t planning ahead. Yes, it’s convenient. It’s so convenient that we are even guilty of signing up for things this way, but for the accounts that really matter, what kind of situation are you in when Facebook is obsolete? You are running the risk of losing access to your accounts or creating a future headache for yourself in trying to reroute your logins.

This is the equivalent of being stuck with an e-mail address that pays homage to the Jonas Brothers as a grown adult. Just don’t do it.

At this point, there are so many ways of making password storage easy and safe. Lastpass, Dashlane, and NordPass are just a few examples of secure password storage systems that are typically available to everyone for a reasonable price. These kinds of sites are also phenomenal at helping you up the security on all of your accounts, as they can help you create complex passwords that you don’t have to keep on the top of your head. No more logging in through your Facebook credentials. Everyone wins.

3. Ignoring the metrics. Ignoring the metrics. Most people who have a hand in running a business understand the importance of numbers. Though social media still feels so new, and there’s a lot of casual content posted daily, different markets will see different successes from the type of content they post. Having a social media manager allows you to have someone on top of the social media marketing numbers all of the time.

One thing a lot of people don’t recognize about social media marketing is that it has an ebb and flow. Keeping up with your own client base is part of the game. Paying attention to trends, engagement, and post performance are also all elements that are crucial to running a successful social media marketing campaign.

If you aren’t sure what you’re looking at, much less looking for, it is going to be hard to understand when to gas things up and when to slow things down, making your social media efforts less valuable than the time you’ve invested in them.

4. Not following up with customers. We get it. Things get hectic, your business is growing, and thumbs-ups flood your notification panel. Your customers are excited and engaged, but it’s a one-sided relationship because you aren’t engaging back. Either you don’t have the time or the resources to sit down and comment back, answer questions, or even say “thank you.”

Again, we get it; you are running a whole business. However, if social media marketing is part of your business plan (and it definitely should be), then the effort of seamless customer service has to be there too. Having someone dedicated to community management is a huge win for your business.

The 6 Perks of Having a Social Media Savior…Err, Manager

1. No social media burnout. This is the #1, irrefutable, most beneficial part of having a social media manager. Hands down. No debate. That’s how strongly we feel about this. Social media burnout is so, so real. It is bottomless (and the only thing we want bottomless around here are our mimosas). A single person can spend hours and hours on social media daily. It’s a lot to take in, and if you’re already running a business, it’s one more time-consuming task to add to your already endless “to-do list.” Social media managers take the stress out of your relationship with social media and let you go back to liking your best friend from highschool’s vacation pictures in peace.

2. You will have someone to keep your social channels and interactions organized.  This person will juggle passwords, messages, schedules, content, and more. Having a social media manager is having a set of eyes and ears dedicated to keeping your online presence and social media platforms in order.

3. You’ll never have to leave customer comments or questions hanging. Believe it or not, this can be a pretty big pet peeve for people. If you have social media profiles, potential customers expect to ask questions or make comments and receive a response.

They don’t expect to be ignored. You know, and I know that ignoring customers isn’t intentional; you just can’t be on your phone all of the time. At the same time, every question unanswered is a potential client that will likely never walk through your door. Adding a social media manager to your team is not just an investment in your company’s presence but yoursocial-media-management business relationships.

4. Your business will utilize a social media strategy that is well-planned and well-executed. We like to think of social media marketing, especially in this fast-paced digital world, as a boomerang. You have a social media marketing plan, you execute it, and when it comes back, you assess your success. Repeat x infinity.

The catch is, to evaluate your success in a timely manner, someone has to be standing there, waiting for that boomerang to come back. Otherwise, it ends up spiraling in the opposite direction for far too long. By the time you find it, you’re left with information about your previous campaign that is only borderline relevant.

A social media manager will catch your boomerang, reassess, regroup, create, and throw it right back out there. Plus, if you hire a social media manager with a damn good arm, you might hook a client or two on the way back in.

5. You will have more time to focus on the parts of your business that you love. When hiring a social media manager, you move social media marketing from the bottom of your list to the top of theirs. You now get to focus on the aspects of your business that excite you. Excitement fosters successful business.

6. You will be fostering a constant connection with your audience. Your presence alone helps you bring potential clients closer to your business. You’re starting a potential relationship as soon as someone views your profile, so you’ll want to make sure you’re representing the best parts of yourself regularly. You know what they say; you only get one shot at a first impression.

Social media is a constant movement of global connection that is still new, still evolving, and is easily one of the most-fast paced environments to market in.

As a multi-faceted marketing team, we can provide you a dedicated social media manager and some stellar writers and graphic designers. We can even take a look at your web performance and other online odds and ends to help you create the most cohesive image for your business online. Gravity Junction is where brands go Supanova. Talk to a real person about real solutions by contacting us today.


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