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Copywriting tends to fall into a category all its own. The gifted writers of the world who spend their days developing the words that convince you to purchase your next car (or air fryer) are somewhat relegated to the “basement” of the writing profession. In actuality, we run the world. (It just works out for Beyonce that here at Gravity Junction our mega-talented writers are all, in fact, girls!)

Copywriting is no less powerful than any other form of communication; it’s arguably more so. You may purchase every single John Grisham book, but outside of the enjoyment of the story and tidbits of overdramatized legal education, what does the book make you do (besides question the patriarchy even more)?

As copywriters, our job is to prompt action.

We craft stories that compel people to actually do something.

That is powerful. That is influence. That is life-altering.

Humans are visual and auditory like other mammals. It’s our imagination, our capacity to combine concepts like the logic of efficiency with the emotion of gratification, that truly makes us different. That, and opposable thumbs. Because writers appeal to emotion and can specifically target the desire for gratification, we have a lot of control. A LOT (two words, btw).

This is evidenced by the prevalence of clickbait in digital spaces. We all tend to want our cognitive biases stroked to feel all warm and fuzzy in our convictions, so we click on shit in hopes of that tiny spurt of dopamine will soothe our egos. Ah, the ego, the other separator in the mammalian world. Although, it’s clear that cats are just as egotistical.

atlanta copywritingWe know this seems harsh. Why are we being mean? At Gravity Junction, we try hard to use our powers for good. Our clients are known for positive messages. They are trying to do good in the world. From a non-profit focused on helping underprivileged children to a leadership expert, a health and fitness company, a nutritional advisor, and even an expert on caregiving, the messages we help craft are packed with value and substance. Pardon us if we get testy about “trick bait” and disingenuous marketing.

“Part of crafting powerful copy is telling a story while telling the truth,” says Gravity Junction content creator, Sydney Lucero.

It’s true; copywriting can be boring. Sometimes it is boring for us too. We use the phrase “like reading stereo instructions” as a euphemism for excessive dullness. So, imagine writing stereo instructions. It’s tough to stay awake. On the good days, we aren’t tasked with the technical and burdensome side of writing, and we can spread our proverbial wings, and, well, inspire.

That’s what the best copywriting does; it inspires.

“It takes less than a minute to read a paragraph and be emotionally impacted by it. What those reading that paragraph often don’t realize is the painstaking time, contemplation, and revision that went into writing that one paragraph,” shares Gravity Junction content manager, Kari Livesay.

“Now imagine writing thousands of paragraphs just like this. It’s a powerful reminder that copywriting is so much more than trying to persuade your audience to buy a car or an air fryer,” adds Livesay.

In our industry, we may not inspire poetry or the mastery of sculpture, but we do help people decide what they want and who they want to be. How effective is a photo of a person running without the iconic “Just Do It”? Imagery has its place, and for sure, a picture is worth 1000 words. Did you know that very saying is also part of a marketing campaign? Imagine that, words to help you believe more in the power of pictures.

We have an obligation to be careful with words. Marketing is a careful and precarious balancing act. How many times have you been underwhelmed by a plate of food that sounded delicious based on the menu? It happens; that BLT with the crisp, sourwood smoked, and peppered bacon with the avocado lime aioli sounds IN.CRED.IBLE, right? So, when the bacon was limp and undercooked, the pepper was non-existent, and the aioli was way more lime than avocado, it’s disappointing, bitterly so. More examples of over-promising and under-delivering have turned Wish.com into a membership generator for Gambler’s Anonymous.

Words have the power to harm, and they have the power to heal. We must never lose sight of that.

Never is the power of words, both written and spoken, more evident than in an election cycle. Gravity Junction is headquartered in Georgia. You may be aware of a little senate run-off we recently endured (yes, endured). Our mailboxes full of vitriol and sinister innuendo leave nothing but distrust and distaste for the process and the people. Escaping their charlatan reputations ebbs further away with every postcard. This form of cutthroat carnivorous marketing taints the advertising industry and increases the chasm between people and their representatives.

At Gravity Junction, we are averse to gimmicks and snake oil salesmen. We like to think our success is born of our own authenticity. Our highest hope is to help.

Our CEO, Sharla Crawford, quite literally cut her teeth on servant leadership and entrepreneurship, and thankfully she hasn’t strayed from the lessons of her youth.

“I’ve had fantastic examples of positive and hard-working entrepreneurs in my parents, Frank & Theresa AuCoin. They have spent much of their lives trying to help others realize theircopywriter potential. Choosing their words and actions methodically, always doing their best to leave someone for the better. I have learned so much from just observing over the years how they’ve conducted business. I try to stay much in that same lane. Be kind. Be real. Put people before dollars.” Sharla explains

The spirit of bolstering a thriving Main Street America small business is alive and on fire in our team. Only in today’s world Main Street is a digital highway, and anyone can create prime real estate. SEO is the new “location, location, location.” The location isn’t the busiest corner; it’s page one of Google for the keywords that best frame what you do or sell.

Our talented writing team takes it a step further by weaving together the stories of who our clients are and why they do what they do. It’s stories that resonate. That’s the magic we do; crafting connections that pair customers with businesses in meaningful and long-lasting ways.

“When you boil down strong copywriting, what really, beneath the surface, creates action? Confidence. That confidence should come from your brand, business, product, and services. A true and unshakeable belief about what you have to offer, that in turn gives clients confidence in you,” Gravity Junction content creator Erika Nesto explains.

“Because what do confident clients do? They make decisions that they believe will have real or beneficial effects or results on and in their lives. This is called positive action. The belief in a positive experience is what pushes prospects beyond ANY doubts they may have about choosing your company or business.

Unquestionable, positive proofs and truths about the quality of your business are what lay the very groundwork for sales, and not just anyone can translate that through the written word. It’s a crafty art that takes experience. There’s a difference between fluff, BS, and making the “real deal” approachable, consumable and worthy of acting upon. Tactful copywriters learn and know that line over time. Sometimes we miss the mark. That’s what our editors are for.”

We know that words matter. We understand the responsibility. We use our powers for good.



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