How to Be Perceived: A Lesson on Branding Your Business

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The Iconic Nature of Branding

Superman. You already see it. The giant diamond-shaped “S.” The iconic blue jumpsuit, the red cape. It took one word to trigger everything you know about Superman.

The idea of Superman is backed by otherworldly branding. You see the logo, the colors, the cape, and in an instant, you know someone is coming to save the world.

Your business needs super branding. When potential customers see your logo, colors, or slogan, they need to know that you’re coming to save their world.

We always encourage leading with value-first, meaning your branding is not your business, but rather a nudge, a gentle reminder, to potential customers of what your business is and what it has to offer.

What is a Brand?

A brand is made up of several things, both tangible and intangible, including logo, color palette, imagery, graphic design, message, and meaning.

A good brand design focuses on identity design, placing the same value in aesthetics as impact.

The Power of Your Company is In Your Branding

Branding is building a perception.

A brand is a way the outside world perceives your business. A brand is a way your business presents itself. Your branding is what speaks for you when you aren’t around to explain yourself. Some would even argue that your brand isn’t what you put forth but how others perceive you.

We believe that branding is a little bit of all of those things, but we’re here with this friendly reminder: you are in control of your branding.

You are in control of how your business is presented. You are in control of what people associate with your business. You can even control how you are perceived if you invest in quality branding that keeps your target audience in mind.

Why Does a Business Need a Brand?

Branding your business is like putting a cover on a great book. Inside are all the wonderful things to be offered; however, your outside still needs to persuade people to stop and dig in deeper. Not just hold it in their hands. Not just appreciate the artwork. But open the book, and see what your company is all about.

Good branding doesn’t just make your business look good or stand out against the crowd. Good branding captures and holds the attention of your audience. Good branding prompts action.

How often have you eaten at a new restaurant that didn’t look good? Or go into a store that was more than rough around the edges?

As much as we’d like to think judgment is a pastime and the old homage of “never judge a book by its cover” rings true, the reality is people are judging your book on its cover.

Similarly, your branding is part of what draws people in. Brands are created with resonation in mind. A branding expert will ensure that your company’s branding speaks directly to your target audience’s heart and passive mind. This is why it’s also vital to ensure that your brand can be appropriately scaled, given your target audience can change a bit as your business grows.

What Does Branding Do?

Branding attaches imagery to your business that makes it easier for customers to remember who you are and how you can help.

We have to remember that many people are visual learners, and even more people associate logos, colors, and images with a plethora of abstract ideas.

In a way, branding expands the understanding of your business. It explains your business without saying a word at all. This allows people to know your brand deeper before they even know your offerings.

Branding is the creator of understanding.

Your Logo is Your Warmest Welcome

Often when people think of logos, they believe they just need an image representing their business (and that’s not far from the truth).

However, a good logo design will represent every part of your business, encompassing hand-picked colors, a font that accentuates the feeling of your company, and sometimes, a play onwhy-branding-matters imagery that puts your business’s meaning in the spotlight, all intertwined in a package that’s easy to display and understand.

Some business owners are quick to add their face or a heavily sentimental touch to their brand through their logo without considering how it will be perceived. Sometimes, these designs are a good call, but frequently, they muddy up the meaning your business needs to share.

Yes, you loved growing up on Grandpa’s farm, but is Grandpa’s farm part of your brand’s story? Is Grandpa’s farm easily distinguishable from other brands? Is Grandpa’s farm what you want your customer to think of when they think of you?

Sometimes, Grandpa’s farm is the answer. Even then, you’ll want to make sure you’ve added new paint to the barn, ensuring that your logo can be immediately associated with your company.

Because branding is so precise, your logo must be clean, crisp, and easily digested by potential customers. Having someone from the outside looking in to create a logo for your business is often the best option for creating a logo with longevity, clarity, and glistening potential.

You want your logo to serve as a beacon to potential customers. Therefore, a good logo design is non-negotiable.

Brand Marketing: The Brand Story

Every business has a story to tell. There is no doubt about it. We have all started somewhere; we are all going somewhere; thus, we all have something to say.

When there’s a story backing a brand, there is a stronger connection between a business and its customers because storytelling is the best communication tool that any of us possess.

A brand story is the root that holds a brand in place. It is what inspires and nurtures a brand. It is what gives a brand the strength it needs to flourish.

Brand Marketing: Social Media Branding

Branding is not just existence but presence.

With social media, there is a certain fluidity that has to be factored into your branding. Many companies are faced with the challenge of creating social media content for their business that is branded without it becoming redundant or overly-branded.

No company wants to watch their branding get stale, and no company wants to see their social media platforms wither at the hands of over-advertisement.

This is where meaning makes the most impact. Part of branding is the story you tell. Bringing that story to life through your social media platforms is part of what gives your company a living, breathing brand that shows your audience the robustness of what you have to offer.

While lively social media content adds life to your brand, utilizing your logo and brand colors in creative ways helps establish your brand on your social media channels.

Humans and Brands Have a Lot in Common

At the core of your company is its heart: the people. 

Good branding never neglects a company’s heart because the heart of a company is what fuels everything. Every company has a purpose. Your branding should portray all of the best human attributes of your company.

why-do-I-need-brandingBranding portrays that your company is open to listening. It shows your target audience where you place your value. It creates a connection.

Good branding walks like a human and talks like a human because its goal is to create a human connection.

Even the best logo, stellar typography, and the most particular colors wouldn’t mean much of anything without a heartbeat behind them.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but only because we give it meaning.

There is no substitute for heart, which is why you must carefully build your brand with your business and its mission in mind.

How Gravity Junction Can Help Establish Your Brand

Gravity Junction is founded on the knowledge of branding experts. At Gravity Junction, we can create logos and branding that work for your company, keeping your brand in the sights of your potential customers at all times. Brand identity design is one of our specialties. We create long-term brand images through proper web development and thorough social media branding strategies, complementing your visual branding’s attractive design. We realize that a brand is not just the frills but the heart of it all.

Let us dig deeper into your business and ensure your brand is set to reach the next level. Contact us today.


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