Instagram Shop: The Return to Social Selling

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The Intersection of Social Media and ECommerce

Social interaction fuels business.

Consider the oldest forms of selling, like merchants and trade, and the connections that had to occur to make sales happen.

Think about the relationships businesses build and tend to regularly. The old general stores and their morning coffee. The follow-up phone calls and thank you emails. The yearly downtown open houses with hors d’oeuvre and champagne. Social bonds have been what businesses thrive off of for centuries

However, as big-box stores gained popularity, the connectivity that came with selling dwindled. People started focusing more on the stuff they could buy rather than the people they were buying from. People got used to the instant gratification that came with getting what they wanted when they wanted it.

But, what if people could get what they wanted when they wanted, while still knowing who they’re buying from?

This is where social media and eCommerce offer us something that once seemed impossible, given the digital world: the return to social selling.

Today, we gather online through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Our social interactions have become digital interactions. With the recent introduction of Instagram Shop, the way we digitally market our businesses is shifting positively, which encourages selling and buying with meaning.

The “social” in “social network” is leading the future of eCommerce thanks to connection. Social selling is back (and arguably better than ever.?

Why Social Media Marketing is A Selling Tool

Plain and simple, social media allows you to show others who you are. As a brand or a business, this is a golden opportunity to showcase personality and brand values. Social media creates closer connections between internet users and businesses. Your small business can thrive off of social media marketing.

On social media, you are showcasing the best parts of your brand. With new integrative shop features on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can put your product as close to your brand as possible. Your products can become integrated with your social posts. There is not a more direct way to sell on the internet than through social media, making adding an online store to your socials one of the most beneficial things you can do for your eCommerce business right now.

How to Use Instagram Shop

  • Be a creator or business page. To utilize Instagram Shop, you must have a brand page. If you are a business or brand, you should already have your Instagram account set up as a business page to take advantage of in-depth analytics. Instagram does not support shop pages on personal Instagram accounts at this time.
  • Connect to Facebook. You don’t have to be utilizing Facebook Shops to use Instagram Shop, but you will need to connect your Facebook account to use Instagram Shop.
  • Import your inventory. Instagram Shop currently only works if you are hosting your product catalog on an eCommerce platform such as Shopify. However, you can still use Facebook’s catalog manager to upload your inventory, it just may take a bit more time and effort.
  • Submit to Instagram for approval. Instagram tries to ensure that all businesses on the platform are legitimate; therefore, you must submit your shop for approval after setting everything up. This can take several hours, and extra verification may be required.
  • Start selling! After your profile has been approved, you can turn on the “shopping” feature in your profile settings and start utilizing all Shop features.

Utilizing Instagram Shop to Enhance Your Feed

The wonderful thing about Instagram Shop is its ability to integrate products within your feed. When you post a photo to your feed or story, you can tag the product, linking customers to your shop in-app to create a seamless shopping experience.

Another huge perk of having integrated systems in social media is the power of presentation. With traditional eCommerce websites, there is a traditional way to present products.

Now, with eCommerce and social integration, businesses can present their products in ways that make the most sense. Business owners have full control over advertising, marketing, and sales funnels via social media. They can show a product in the most immersive ways.

  • Put your product in the right environment. Showcasing your product through a social media post should give users a full overview of what you’re selling through the most authentic lens. Create your social media posts with genuine purpose, not just for the sake of selling.

You have been given the opportunity to tie your brand together with your sales, creating an experience for your customers. If you’re having trouble deciding how to tie your instagram-shop-and-how-to-set-it-uppurpose to your social media presence, read about how to create the “why” social post.

  • Use familiar faces. Your brand has a name; now give it a face. Creating familiarity with your followers will help your brand build reputability and make your business page seem much more connected to your audience.
  • Make your product stand out. Find a balance between making your product fade into your feed and making sure it’s the star of the show. Regardless of the nature of the post, if your sights are on selling, don’t let your product go unnoticed.

Make a comment in your caption about what you love about a particular product or how a particular product has helped you recently. Weave your love for a product into a story, as long as it’s genuine.

Don’t forget to tag your posts with the product in your shop, so it’s easily found.

  • Direct people to your shop. If you don’t ask your followers to check out your shop, they won’t. No, you don’t have to beg people to click over to your shop in every post, but mention it. Don’t shy away from the fact that you have something to offer.

Perks of Social Media ECommerce Over Traditional ECommerce

  • Real-time feedback. With eCommerce online marketing via social media, you can create real-time hype for your products or services.
  • Community. Because you are creating around a social media platform, you can engage more with your customers. It truly is like having a small business storefront online, interaction and all.
  • A stronger connection to reality. You get to show your audience that you are a real person with a real business. You get to create bonds and build close relationships with your customers.
  • Instant Reviews. Your reviews can be given life through social media because when someone makes a post about you, your business, or your product, you can share that post directly with your followers. This helps you build reputability and gain trust as a brand and business.

TikTok and Twitter, The Silent ECommerce Boosters

Where Instagram Shop is the shining star of eCommerce digital marketing these days, TikTok and Twitter both play notable supporting roles in boosting eCommerce sales. Where Instagram and Facebook are set up to sell in a more direct, traditional way, TikTok and Twitter help small business owners create a community and grow a following.

Staying active on all social media platforms is vital for any small business. For small businesses using features such as Instagram Shop, it’s a huge plus to garner the attention of potential customers and transfer followers from one platform to another.

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