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Why do I need a full-service marketing agency?

First off, it’s important to know that technology is doubling in importance every two years, and yes, that includes Digital Marketing. Gravity Junction was founded with the goal of being the driving force behind our clients absolutely crushing it, without them having to stay on top of the latest trends or technology & letting us do it for them. If you’re looking for the top Atlanta Full-Service Marketing team, you found them.

We handle all of your digital marketing needs so you can rest easy knowing your Marketing is covered: We do top tier content creation, advertising, website development, branding, strategic planning, video production, web development, app development, and more.

Perks of hiring our Digital Agency:


Gravity Junction targets audiences in a cost-effective and measurable way; you won’t break the bank and your ROI is transparent & clear.


Hiring a dynamic local Marketing Agency like us will help you increase brand loyalty; we understand the Atlanta market like no other. You’ll gain consumers who will continue coming back to your products or services with a smile, every single time.


We’ll drive your online sales; ca-ching! Say hello to a fat wallet and a grinning CFO. 

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The Best Digital Marketing Team in Atlanta

With Atlanta seeing a 29% increase in tech talent growth over the last five years, the city really doesn’t need any more traditional marketing like Grandpa used to do. Old school marketing lacks precision. Here at Gravity Junction, we’re all about fine tuned, customized, heat seeking precision. Imagine that we’re your guided digital missile that locks on & doesn’t stop until we hit your target. That’s how focused we are on your success.

Digital marketing is what makes the online business world tick. You can’t sell without it. It’s the best way to target your audience & future customers in our increasingly digital world. Not being up-to/-date or on board with everything that’s happening on the internet is like hosting a superbowl party with an old FM radio. Digital Marketing with us is like streaming it in 3D.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

We’ll craft designs & create beautiful sentences that entice your viewers to take action. After they click, the magic happens. We grow your ability to gain die hard customers and hockey stick revenue growth.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still the linchpin of the digital marketing ecosystem. Buyers purchase 3x faster through email than on Social Media, or through other channels.

We pride ourselves on our brilliant writers here at Gravity Junction. Let us design effective, exciting copy that dazzles prospects and wins you business. They’ll be dying to click on your emails after we design your campaigns.

Managing Social Media

There are so many platforms out there that it can leave your head spinning trying to come up with strategies & campaigns for each one. How do I Instagram? What is TikTok? Is Facebook dead? These are a few of the questions clients come to us with.

Give us your tone, vision & goals and leave the research, analytics, and engagement to us. We’ll reach your target audience and deliver. We create social content that inspires.

Writing Blogs

Blogs are a fantastic way to show that you’re the smartest kid in the room at whatever your company does. They’re only getting more popular as people crave quality content & less fluff.

Our writers will set up a framework for your blog and deliver top quality long form content that establishes YOU as a thought leader in your industry>

SEO Marketing

Imagine having the best destination in mind with… no directions or know how on how to get there. Your potential customers won’t be able to find you on Google without proper SEO for your site!

You might have the next biggest thing for sale but if your customers can’t find you, what’s the point?

Have no fear, Gravity Junction’s here. Our experienced SEO gurus will make sure your targets find you.

We Optimize Website Marketing

Make no mistake, the quality of your website is an asset… In today’s digital age, you can expect shocked customers if you don’t have one.

Good News! Our Atlanta based digital marketing agency is full of real life marketing superheroes who are here to revolutionize your digital storefront with the Gravity Junction magic touch and save the day!

“Our website marketing brings all the viewers to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours.”

Local SEO Marketing Company

Content Marketing

Content, content, content… A word that’s been beaten to within an inch of its life and might be the business buzzword of the year.

What is content to us? It’s your story. It’s what your business means, who you are and why you do the things you do. We mix all of that in our creative blender and create powerful stories that ignite a fire in your customers to do business with you, work with you, and build relationships with you.


Hot Off the Press

Oh, you thought we only do marketing? No, we’ve also got your PR on lock. We write killer press releases that’ll intrigue your readers and get picked up through the right outlets. Old Media ain’t dead! We still know how to work it for ya.


Article Writing

We don’t hold back when it comes to pen to paper (or, more specifically, fingers to the keyboard.) We have lightning fast wordsmiths who hit the blank page with a force to be reckoned with. Whatever your style is; black and white, to the point, or witty – bringing in new readers is our specialty, and is it cocky to say that Google loves us?


Reputation Management

Your business heavily depends on the experiences of your users, readers, buyers, clients, or patients, no? The SupaNova team is ready to protect your reputation through carefully crafted responses, sterling customer service, and a comprehensive system of managing your brand on all of the review sites that matter to you. We’ll make sure your name stays golden in Atlanta.

Also, we keep our Karen deterrent spray on deck.

So… Why Choose Gravity Junction?


If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve noticed we’re a bit different. We create content, websites, and software that set the imagination on fire. Our team is scrappy, creative, and we’d die for our clients.

We’re more than a Digital Agency. We’re problem solvers. We’re dreamers & creators. We adore businesses big and small & we know how to get you from A to B, quickly.

For all of the cutting edge work we do, we still like doin’ things the old fashioned way. The right way, so your business reaps the benefits.

Let our Atlanta Marketing Agency skyrocket your:

& more!!!

We Get It

Most small businesses simply don’t have the resources to bring on a full-time developer, SEO expert or social media manager. Partnering with us gets you access to some brilliant brains that cover your bases & become a trusted extension of your internal team.

Online marketing, campaigns, social media….ahhh! We know that you didn’t get into business so you could spend all day on the internet clicking and pointing and figuring out how to advertise your badass business. We do that for you.

Imagine getting crisp, accurate reports of your powerful marketing campaigns while you’re off spending time on the important stuff. Growing your business, getting new clients, and doing what makes you happy.

The Bottom Line

Gravity Junction knows the Atlanta area like the backside of our hand. We’re as Georgia as Coke, the Braves, and that whale shark at the Aquarium. Let us tailor your digital strategy to dominate Atlanta and speak directly to your audience while breaking through the noise like a TV ad that’s way too loud. Like a Dominoes ad at 2AM, our marketing delivers results.

Digital Marketing is the QUICKEST way to target your niche-specific audience and keep qualified leads and buyers right where you want them: consuming your content, products, or services 24/7. If you have any hesitation, just think about that radio. Gravity Junction is the hometown hero digital marketing agency of Atlanta.

All Marketing Services

3rd Party Vendor Direction Services
Audio & Podcast Production & Syndication
Blog Creations & Posting
Book Cover Designs
Book Manuscripts
Book Publishing & Distribution
Bot Services
Branding Guidelines
Brochure Designs
Business Card Designs & Printing
Digital Workflow Automations
Door Hangers
E-Book Manuscripts
Email Campaigns Including Copywriting
Flyer Designs
Guest Blog Post Outreach
H.A.R.O. Submissions
Influencer Marketing Outreach
Jingle Audio Production
Keynote Speaking Services
Letterhead Design
LinkedIn Articles
Logo Designs
Magazine Articles

Media Kits
Media Outreach
Merchandise Designs
Merchant Services
Mobile App Development
Newsletter Content Creation
Newsletter Designs
Newspaper Articles
Packaging Designs
Photo & Video Directing & Production
Press Release Copywriting & Syndication
Printing Brokerage Services
Sign Production
Social Content Creation
Social Media Management
Social Media Outreach
Social Media Platform Branding
Software Development
Strategic Partnership Access
Tradeshow Booth Designs
Traditional Paid Advertising
Website Development, Updates & Hosting
Wikipedia Creation & Submission
YouTube Branding & SEO

How we Collaborate with You


Project Based

There is no project too small for us to take on. We’d love to help you with one or two small projects and get to know you & your company. Give us a call for a complimentary consultation & let’s get moving.


Agency of Record Package

In search of a long-term partner that delivers white glove service week in, week out? Our Agency of Record package is perfect if you’re ready to blast off with ongoing projects & a dedicated team that handles your business.


Atlanta Marketing Consulting

Do you have the right people and just need that tweak on the direction of your marketing strategy or help with your technology stack? Our ninjas can punch out a plan for you on a consultative basis.

A Click Away From ATL Fame

We’re here to deliver dreams and inject some serious imagination straight into the veins of your business. That’s what our Atlanta full-service marketing agency, Gravity Junction, is all about, and that’s what we can do for you. We love Atlanta and we’d love to turn you into the talk of the town.

Partner with us and elevate your brand into the stratosphere.

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