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When you boil sales down, what is it that really creates a sale?


Confidence from you, firstly, and, as a result, confidence from your clients.

Why does confidence need to start with you? Because confidence in your brand, business, product, and services is what will give clients confidence in you.

So, where exactly can you provide that relevant and helpful information about all you have to offer? On your website. Otherwise, while you may have everything that your consumers need, they’d never know it without a website, and they’ll have no issue seeking it somewhere else.

What do confident clients do? They make decisions they believe will have real or beneficial effects or results on and in their lives. This is called positive action. The belief in a positive experience is what pushes prospects beyond any doubts they may have about choosing your company and business.

Therefore, your website should elicit an abundance of unquestionable, positive proofs, and truths about the quality of your business. That’s right. Your website lays the very groundwork for sales.

Do you feel confident in your website in terms of security, quality, navigability, SEO-friendliness, and up-to-date technology? Is your website fast, attractive, smartphone compatible, and bug-free?

If not, you may need to seek the help of a web design firm.

But do not fret. We’ve got you covered.

Let’s start out with the basics.

What is a web design agency?

A web design agency will have a team that specializes in color schemes, logos, branding, and content production. Software, such as Adobe Photoshop, is a pivotal component of quality graphic design and production

Why should I hire a web design agency?

Professional web designers are required to stay on top of changes in coding, technology, search engine functionalities, and beyond. By hiring a web design firm, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website harnesses the latest, greatest, and most powerful technology, and it offers the best user experience possible for your customers.

What are the benefits of hiring a web design agency?

Agencies, versus an individual web design professional, will comprise multiple team members. Why is this an advantage? Multiple team members foster a talent pool with increased availability to work on your project.

Working in a team turns creative sparks into flames with contagious enthusiasm, idea-sharing, and collaboration. This leads to quicker and more efficient work and output which means money saved and a shorter project timeline. Don’t let the word “agency” intimidate you or your wallet. In the long run, your bank account and CFO will thank you.

A study between the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and Rob Cross, Edward A. Madden Professor of Global Business at Babson College, found that companies that provided a collaborative work setting were five times as likely to be high performing.

Just like the Roman Empire, strength comes in numbers. Your web design deserves the most creative eyes and technical experts possible.

In case we have not made a strong enough case for you, here is a quick list of further benefits:

A Memorable, Positive First Impression

  • First impressions of a website are 94 percent design-related.
  • Additionally, it takes viewers all of 50 milliseconds, or .05 seconds, to form an opinion based on their initial digital encounter with your website. This opinion pushes them to either stay or leave.

Latest Smartphone Compatibility

This is a crucial feature that could take the backseat if you attempt to design your website yourself. A common challenge is that mobile-friendly designs are constantly growing and changing. The only constant is just that: change.

  • A web design company won’t have to create a separate design for mobile devices. Instead, a qualified web design company would be able to build this technology into the very digital fibers of your website
  • Mobile-users account for approximately half of web traffic

A Need For Speed: Faster Website Load Time

  • Web design agencies have the evolving education when it comes to plugins and 2nd party tools to integrate into your website for security and speed
  • No bugs mean a smoother website for your viewers and better web stickiness: AKA increased average minutes per month that users spend browsing your website

Website Design That Screams Quality

Could you hop on the train along with a countless number of other website owners and opt for a provided template? Yep.

Do we advise that? Nope.

Here’s why: We can completely empathize with the temptation to go with the easy route. With the allure of saving company dollars and sacred hours of your time, an easy website can seem like the best decision for your business.

However, when it comes to standing out from your competition and holding your clientele’s gaze, this just will not cut it. Customization and personalization ooze quality.tips-for-hiring-a-web-design-firm

Give your clients something to remember about your brand, or else, frankly, they are going to forget. Give them something to hold onto.


To put it plainly, not utilizing a professional web designer to develop your site puts it far more at risk. These fixes can be time-consuming, tedious, and extremely pricey.

  • While your website may run smoothly for several months, making changes is when websites typically encounter issues. Starting off on the right foot will save your future self time, money, and, let’s be honest, headaches.

Do your future self a favor and save the both of you from regret and the overwhelming desire for a time machine. *facepalm*

Improved SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a lot more than a buzzword. Your site needs to be optimized to appear in the top search engines, like Google.

From 2018 and beyond, SEO has become the golden standard for visibility, exposure, broadening your audience, and generating new leads and business. SEO is no longer an option. It is a requirement for digital success. SEO is work that absolutely has to be done. For your brick and mortar store, you have to roll up your sleeves, sweep the floors, wash the windows, and open your front door, right? Think of SEO in the same light.

Your website needs to be spruced up now and then, and your digital doors have to be open and attractive to passersby. Building SEO into your website is like giving viewers digital road signs that lead them right to your doors.

In the words of business and IT transformation expert, and HuffPost contributor, Gordon Tredgold, “SEO is not an expense, but an investment.”

Hiring a web design agency that can put your site at the first page of search results will bring you more opportunities and more potential customers. Additionally, SEO will provide your users with the content they desire more quickly, and in the format they prefer.

How Gravity Junction Can Help Your Website Design

Our web design firm, Gravity Junction, helps brands, like yours, across Atlanta, and the world beyond, create high-performing websites with stunning visuals, clear-cut navigation, and undeviating design. This includes everything from web friendliness to intuitive branding so that your brand’s message never gets lost, and neither do your viewers, no matter where they click.

At Gravity Junction, we prioritize building relationships in the way we do business. The morale level we set for our team each morning is sky-high, and you better believe that drive, talent, and detail-specific dedication bleeds into everything we do. We value the human over the business. Part of this humanistic approach means you’ll get such great customer service, you will think you’re the only client we have. We have a Gravity Junction golden standard which means we not only care deeply about your web design, we care deeply about you as a person, your business, and seeing both of you grow.

It’s not about us. It’s about you. To set up a call with one of our industry-leading web designers, and take your brand SupaNova, contact us today.

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