On Time

Everyone says they work fast and we do strive to. However, you need to know when your project will actually be completed, not just when we hope it would be. Pioneers of the industry’s first and only project timeline tool.


Any good software should track and manage your project with specificity internally. A great software company includes you in what they are tracking. Never be in the dark when you are writing the check.

To Speck

Innovative? Sure. Cool? Sure. How about just functional and adoptable? We all want to be innovative and cool but all your clients want is for it to work right every time. We do too.



Expanding Possibilities

Mobile Applications

You know all that stuff that shows up in the APP store? We build that. We turn mobile devices into miniature powerhouses of function and fun.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack = All of the stuff you need to make it work. Stuff = front end, back end, secret software. Databases, building user-facing websites.

Staff Augmentation

Realistically, your staff is probably busy with up times, integrations, and all those things they have to do. We can step in all the things you want to do.

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Software is Our Jam

UI/UX Design

Data Systems



SQL Databases

Open Source Tech



Internet of Things



Workflow Automations

Custom Bots

Engaging Technology

OTS Integrations


“Programers = Organisms that turn caffeine into software that changes your business forever.”

It's Not Hardware. It's Software.

Gravity Junction started as a website company. The website company grew to a marketing company. Now that it’s 2021 your website and marketing company should be focused on your software too. Think about it this way, half of being a good marketer is knowing why to say to whom, the other half is just figuring out how to use the software.

At some point in time, marketing companies should consider first what software is going to be used and how, then figure out what you going to say to who. We can’t worry about the other marketing companies, so we just fixed ours.

TLDR; we are a team that thinks about end to end business processes, and not just end to end software usage.


Gone are the days of relying on the ‘friend hook up’ or building a site yourself that ends up being a paperweight. Your bottom line will be that much greater with a site that not only looks great, has a dynamic UX, engages people to take action, but also speaks well to Google. We do all of that.


New businesses and seasoned ones alike, need a cohesive brand outline that sets the foundation and tone; connecting your audience to your essence and one that leaves a lasting impression. We can make that happen.


With the right cross platform marketing plan we can help you reach your ideal customer and convert them. Our team puts the marketing rocket fuel to activate your brand and unlock your potential profits.

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