YouTube, The Underutilized SEO Powerhouse

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You would have to be living under a rock to not know what YouTube is, however you may not know about the efficacy of SEO for YouTube (SEO=Search Engine Optimization).

I can assist you with that 🙂

YouTube is the dominant platform where you can consume information on just about any subject, such as, entertainment, educational or mind-numbing topics alike, in video format.

But what you may not realize is the SEO power the platform can give your brand.

You may be thinking, but it’s YouTube, not my website…how in the devil is YouTube going to help your own SEO value increase?

Well, let me shed some light on that.

SEO YouTube Elements

  1. Keywords
  2. Backlinks
  3. Optimized YouTube video descriptions
  4. Keyword-rich featured image file name
  5. Subscriber widgets
  6. Subtitles
  7. Cards & End Screens

If your goal is to use the power of YouTube and the SEO value you can gain from posting content there, these seven items should be taken into account.

We are only going to focus on #3 today and will cover the other six items in another post.

When done properly, the Video Description text box can give you a leg up to having your video rank in google.

Basically, you can’t just upload a video and think that it will be found easily, or at all, for that matter.

You may be asking yourself … why does it matter if a video is found on YouTube, that’s not my website?

Well, you are accurate! #smartcookie

HOWEVER, adding a backlink(s) to your site as the FIRST ITEM IN THE DESCRIPTION will boost your SEO value and make it super simple for someone who’s watching your video to visit your site.

If your video starts to trend on Google Searches, your website will also be thrown up in search results as a valid result.

YouTube Stats

Considered to be the #2 website in the world, outperformed by Google.
Here are 2020 Stats You Should Know*
-2 Billion Logged in Users MONTHLY (and still growing)
-81% of 15-25 year-olds using the platform in the U.S.
-500 hours of content (videos) uploaded every MINUTE
-Visitors spend 11 minutes on average per day on the platform
-70% of what people watch is determined by the algorithm.

*(stats by:Hootsuite)

It’s evident that YouTube has an incredible user base and content is being consumed at an unbelievable rate each minute of the day. This is a big jump in stats from 2018.

Now You Know, Now What?

Let’s focus, for this conversation, on #3, Optimizing Your YouTube Video Descriptions, for the sake of increasing your own brand SEO value.

Up to this point, you may or may not have even filled out a description of your video; many content creators who don’t know any better will just upload the video and leave the forget about the description altogether.


There are certain tidbits of information that Google and your viewers are looking for, so let’s make them both giddy, like school girls!

YouTube Video Descriptions

You would think that YouTube video descriptions are just for that, video descriptions.

Well, that’s only partially accurate.

To optimize and capitalize on the potential SEO value YouTube can give your brand, the video description text box is a much bigger opportunity to pounce on.

Yes, you do want to include your video description, but you want to wrap around it other information about your brand, your product, information about your team, ways to contact you, other products/services you may be providing…the possibilities are endless.

Think beyond just the description of the actual video.

This is a golden opportunity to embrace the “more is better” philosophy.

Having thoughtful text that supports your brand and gives users a better picture of who/what you are, what you stand for, and ways to connect, will help viewers and it will thrill the hell out of the Google spiders too! Yes, I said spiders.
#itsawinwin #longerisbetter

YouTube has made this easy, so you don’t have to write long-form content on every upload, the YouTube Creator Studio default settings will be where you want to nestle in and create “templates” of sorts, that will inject every upload you do. Leaving just a paragraph or two, for you to write the actual description of the video itself when you post.

Using the YouTube Creator Studio Default Settings will not only make your life easier when uploading new videos, but it will also aid in a much higher SEO value WHEN DONE PROPERLY.

Ensure Your Default Channel Settings are All Pre-Programed:
1. Channel: Basic Info, Advanced Settings, Branding, Feature Eligibility
2. Upload Defaults:
                        >Basic Info: This is where you can program your video description, in this suggested flow:

  • It’s critical to have a clickable link in the very first line of your description. Linking back to your website. To ensure the link is clickable in the description after publishing, you have to include the “http://” or “https://” in front of your domain.
    (www. will NOT work)
  • The next section should be left blank or create a prompt for your team to include a description of the actual video being uploaded. (you will see in the example <<<VIDEO DESCRIPTION HERE>>> is used as the prompt, to delete and manually add text to the defaulted description you programmed in the Basic Info Upload Default settings)
  • Following the description of the video is more of a brand review, with ways to get in touch, buy from you, hire you, promote whatever, etc.
  • Lastly, include any legal disclaimers if applicable.


Sample YouTube Video Description Template



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In late 2006, John, and other Primerica leaders began working on a plan to exit the business from Citigroup. It was a challenging journey that crossed paths with the height of the financial crises. However, on April 1, 2010, Primerica leaders rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, recognizing the first day of trading for the initial public offering of Primerica, Inc. Primerica’s IPO is recognized as one of the most successful of the decade, being 20+ times over-subscribed.

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Good Luck and May the YouTube & Google Gods Be With You!



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