Gravity Junction: Where Brands Go SupaNova (Update)

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“All Engines Running. Liftoff! We Have Liftoff!”
We weren’t the first ones to use those words (NASA gets credit for that),but our team here at Gravity Junction feels the same rush of excitement every time we design a new app, publish a new website or activate a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that drives massive results for our customers.

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sharla Crawford expresses our sentiment best saying,

“When we think about the history of space travel, we know the world was on the edge of their seats, glued to television screens. The excitement our Nation felt was palpable. We didn’t really know what the future held, but we knew that we were entering a grand new era. At Gravity Junction, we want our clients to have that same “edge of their seat” excitement every single time we work together. They don’t have to understand every nuance and they don’t have to try to wear every hat that business ownership demands; they can simply be excited for the journey that will take their business to bold new heights!”

Think launching brands & growing businesses is easy? It’s not, but we love diving into the trenches with you & gritting out win after win. Our marketing experts are the best in the game at getting eyeballs on your biz, creating digital strategies that work, and becoming the digital extension of your company that you know & love.

Need a Killer Website? Check. We have web design gurus that’ll craft you a website without comparison. With more than 30 years of combined web development experience, our Gravity Junction team has been there, done that. No matter how ambitious your dream website is, our team will turn it into the brightest star on the web.

Uncomfortable Truth: Your website doesn’t matter if nobody sees it. We’re disciples of the Search Gods, and understand how to get you ranked & seen on Google. We’re nerds when it comes to internet marketing. Most marketing firms will do the minimum and don’t like getting their hands dirty in the muddy waters of SEO. Here at Gravity Junction we pull up our overalls & go deep into your content to make sure your digital presence is known throughout the galaxy.

Let’s talk Marketing. We run campaigns so effective that your VP of Sales will be blushing at your company meeting. If it doesn’t drive real ROI, we don’t do it. There are a lot of parts to online marketing. PPC, content marketing, email marketing, social media…are you tired of buzzwords yet? We develop effective strategies that combine these different arenas and form a complete framework for all of your marketing needs.

Branding, software development….you get the point. We do it all.

We take pride in being a true full-scale marketing agency. Our brilliant team is standing by to turn your dreams into reality & take your business SupaNova.

WTH is the SupaNova & why does our Brand want to go there??

In astronomy, a Supernova is when a star explodes and ejects its star material all over its universe. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Making a star go Supernova takes a massive increase in energy and creates stunning results felt everywhere.

We do the same thing by launching your brand into the digital solar system, and creating a galaxy of possibilities while elevating your brand so that everyone can see it shining brightly on the universe that is the internet.

Gravity Junction is a collective of minds with more than 30 years combined experience in web design, software development, branding and digital marketing.

With the ever changing business landscape and our increasingly digital world, it isn’t enough to simply exist online. You have to delight, surprise, and deliver a world-class experience online. It’s not easy to bring the essence of who you are to a digital format, but we’re experts in navigating the space between the “real world” and the internet.

Listen, we know that as an entrepreneur, business owner, and human being, you’re slammed from morning until night. Our goal is to take one (or one dozen) things off of your plate so you can focus on the important stuff.

Our Sweet Spots

Whether you’re looking for something as simple as designing your logo or complex as a team launching your brand, building your website and managing your social media accounts, Gravity Junction can do it all. We’re a one-stop shop, and can handle all of your digital marketing needs with ease.

Full-Service Web Design

A website has to be as aesthetically pleasing & unique in its design as it is for that website to speak Google’s language on the backend so that you get found. We combine creativity & technical know-how to deliver a gorgeous website that looks great AND receives traffic.

If you sell a product/service and aren’t utilizing e-commerce to connect with your customers, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. But you already knew that.

Let our team create an e-commerce space for you & watch your revenue skyrocket. Want to convert your website visitors into leads that are hungry to buy from you? We create custom landing pages that drive action and make sure your advertising dollars are being stretched to the very limit.

We consult on everything from ADA compliance to the speed and usability of your website. Our clients trust us enough to hand over the keys & let us do the rest.

Software Development

Software. It’s our thing. Software runs the world but most people don’t understand it or realize it’s there.

Don’t know where to begin or what you’re looking for? Our team can sit down with you and draw out a software plan for whatever you’re dreamin’ up. We take care of the tech stuff and you end up with fully functioning software without lifting a finger. From mobile app development to enterprise resource planning to business solution architecture, Gravity Junction is the software spot.

Our team has worked with (cough) small (cough) organizations like Booking.com and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, we understand how to run complex projects with a ton of moving parts.

At the same time, we don’t discriminate when it comes to size. Not a household name yet? No worries, our team has done tons of projects with family-owned businesses & start-ups. Small business makes America tick.

We use the latest technology and best practices for software development to make sure every project we deliver is cutting edge, but integrates perfectly into your business. Software is just human thought in digital form, and we like to think we’re the smartest kids in the class when it comes to slingin’ code.

From designing mobile apps to keep your customers engaged on their smartphones, to better HR software for happy employees, to supply chain management that keeps you in the know 24/7, there’s a software for that.

We’re just the folks you need when it comes to developing & launching software for you.

If you’ve identified the roadblocks in your business but have no clue which technology solves what, call us.

Software makes us happy, but helping you with software makes us downright ecstatic.


We want to partner with you. Whether that’s a single marketing campaign or building out your entire marketing ecosystem online, we’re excited to meet you.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking to be scrappy, we’re your marketing people. If you’re looking for a complete marketing strategy and starting from scratch, we got your back. Looking for one home run campaign to drive leads, revenue, or build a following? Gravity Junction does that too.

Get in touch today and let’s get going. It’s time to take your business SupaNova.


A strong brand is absolutely king in this day & age. It’s more important than ever since we live in an information waterfall that never stops flowing. Get a customer to love your brand & you’ve got them for life.

Here at GJ, our brand experts are idea generators that never turn off. We love kicking ideas back and forth & executing logos, designs, and telling your story to the world.

When it comes to branding, we’ve got you covered.

We can:

  • Create letterhead
  • Design business cards
  • Execute social media campaigns
  • Draft and design your E-newsletters
  • Make custom signage
  • Construct brand guidelines

& pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Closing Message From The Team Before Liftoff!

From all of us here at Gravity Junction, we’re honored to have you here & we’re ready to kick ass with you.

And if you’re looking for some final points to pitch to the boss about why you should hire us, here are a few pointers:

  • You work with 1 company instead of multiple to tackle all of your projects. Easier communication, more cost effective.
  • We get to know your business inside and out. We’re not the typical consultants that are a traveling circus & then leave you out to dry when we’re done. We do long term partnerships.
  • We’re light, nimble, and stay on the cutting edge.

We run our business by the motto, “Know what your client ate for breakfast.” Knowing you enables us to do next level, out-of-this-world, quality work because we’ve had the opportunity to gather every detail about your brand and who you are.

If you like what you’re hearing, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and hop aboard the spaceship.

Buckle up and get ready for take off…

3, 2, 1…


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