Launching Gravity Junction: Your Full Scale Marketing SupaNova Agency

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“All Engines Running. Liftoff! We Have Liftoff!”

While we may not have been the first to use these words, (NASA gets credit for that), the team at Gravity Junction feels the same sense of enthusiasm every time we create a new app, publish a new website or activate a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for our customers.

Our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Kalani Thomas expresses our sentiment best saying,

“We want to capture the excitement of the1969 Apollo 11 launch. As a nation, we didn’t quite know what that space flight would bring, but we knew it had the potential to be something extraordinary. At Gravity Junction, we want our clients to feel that same excitement when we launch their brands or help catapult their businesses into growth mode.”

Launching brands and growing businesses isn’t always easy but we do it successfully time and again as a full-scale marketing agency, or SupanNova Agency, as we affectionately refer to ourselves as.

WTH is a SupaNova Agency??

Gravity Junction is a collective of people with more than 30 years combined experience in web design, software development, branding and marketing who freaking love accelerating their clients’ success.

As individuals, we’ve each had our bright and successful moments, but we’ve discovered we can shine even brighter when we come together.

In astronomy, a Supernova is when a star explodes and ejects its star material all over its universe. Making a star go Supernova takes a massive increase in energy and a reaction from that energy.

Gravity Junction is your SupaNova, (our play on SuperNova) full-scale marketing agency. We launch your brands into the solar system and create a galaxy of possibility and flexibility while elevating your brand to a greater scope of visibility.

We are your go-to when you can’t be anything more than what you are. We know that as an entrepreneur, business owner, and human being, you’re busy from morning until night and we want to take one (or one dozen) things off of your plate.

What does Gravity Junction do?

Whether you’re looking for someone to design your logo or a team to launch your brand, build your website and manage your social media accounts, our SupaNova Agency can do it all.

Full-Service Web Design

We know that it’s just as important for a website to look beautiful as it is for that website to speak Google’s language on the backend.

If you sell a product and aren’t utilizing e-commerce, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Let our team create an e-commerce space for you and increase your revenue. Want to convert your website visitors into leads? Let us maximize your paid ad campaign with a custom landing page.

Software Development

App creation. It’s our thing. Having an app for your business is not just impressive, it will also help to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. Once your website is up and running you’ll need the tools to keep it running smoothly. We can build databases, software and more for your website. Your staff is busy and we want to help. While they’re working on integrations and frenzied with up times, we are happy to step in where needed.


What many business owners and entrepreneurs find tedious, we find fun. When it comes to branding, we’ve got you covered. No, seriously. Let us:

  • Create letterhead
  • Design business cards
  • Execute social media campaigns
  • Draft and design your E-newsletters
  • Make custom signage
  • Construct brand guidelines

& much, much more!


Looking for ongoing marketing success, blended with a multitude of avenues to increase profits? Then our Agency of Record package is for you. If you’re looking for help completing a project or two, we can help with that too!



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