Is SEO Still Relevant?

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Thanks to present-day technological advancements and creative innovations, digital marketing has become increasingly more competitive. Every year, different trends influence the market, and new marketing models take over. ​​One of the most common and oldest models is search engine optimization (SEO). It has been around since the dawn of search engines themselves. That said, is search engine optimization still relevant?

Here at Gravity Junction, we want to show you how important it is to make the most of your SEO efforts. Our Atlanta-based team of nerds offers a plethora of ultra-powerful SEO strategies that will supercharge your business. We want to take your brand to a whole new level and a whole new world through our bespoke services and solutions.

SEO is still relevant.

SEO is not dead nor dying.

SEO is, and will always, be a powerful digital marketing model.

To give you a great example of that, we’re here to share our company’s most recent review on Clutch, a prominent B2B rating platform. An analyst from Clutch conducted an over-the-phone interview with Theresa AuCoin, the Co-Owner of Sign It Quick, a graphic sign company, to gather her insights regarding Gravity Junction’s ongoing web development and SEO project.

While SEO isn’t the primary service focus here, it shows how the internet marketing model compliments the project and technologies created. Based on our clients’ words, their website’s performance has seen significant improvement since we started working together.

“Especially on the signage website, time-on-page has increased significantly. They’ve completely rebuilt the signage website, and it’s so much nicer now.”

— Co-Owner, Sign it Quick

If you want to see more of what our client said, check our Clutch profile to take a look at the full review.

At Gravity Junction, we take pride in our top-quality services. We believe that SEO has an irreplaceable impact on the digital marketing landscape and that businesses should capitalize on quality SEO services.

Moreover, The Manifest, a business blog platform, recently recognized our company among the top direct marketing agencies worldwide. We are honored and humbled by this recognition.

As we head-on, we want to encourage you to give SEO a shot. You’re in good hands at Gravity Junction, with a team that absolutely can’t wait to help you win both online and in-person!. Reach out to us, and let’s get started.


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