Ocean Spray and TikTok: The Gift of a Marketing Moment

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It’s a Friday morning. The sun is only just starting to peek from behind the horizon, and you’re riding the asphalt waves of the highway on your longboard, phone in one hand, Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry in the other as Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” radiates through the air.

Vibes. Nothing but vibes.

Only moments earlier, your truck would not crank as you tried to get to work at the potato warehouse. This isn’t a new story for you (as your vehicle has 300,000+ miles on it).

This was Nathan Apodaca’s story, the man behind the viral TikTok (you know the one) that made everyone feel as if they were the ones feeling the wind blow as the sun rose, the voice of Stevie Nicks melodically narrating the moment.

A moment in time was captured (and appreciated by millions) thanks to TikTok, Ocean Spray Cranberry, and absolute radiant positivity from Apodaca.

This instance was not just a viral video; it was a viral moment—a marketing team’s daydream.

The Gift of a Marketing Moment

This moment from the viral TikTok was indeed an unexpected present to the Ocean Spray marketing team. This moment did not come expected. It did not creep up on them slowly. This moment came out of nowhere: bold, beautiful, and thoroughly loved.

Digital marketing is a game of suddens. This is especially true of the here and now, where technology runs the social game. Everything changes with a swiftness. Clinging to relevance can be complicated and time-consuming. Sometimes, by the time you figure out what’s happening, it’s on to the next thing.

This is why your marketing strategies cannot be built around keeping up. Your marketing strategies must be built on the moments you are given. Utilize potential regularly. Think about your moments and what they mean beyond the obvious.

Sometimes, you never know the value of your moments until they pass. Nathan Apodaca wasn’t aiming to make a timeless moment. He was just embracing his moments. Most importantly, he was sharing his moments.

Brands have the same responsibility these days. Consumers have the desire to connect on a human level. The days of shiny images and polished, proper advertising are on hold. Grit is appreciated.

Human marketing in a digital world is on the rise. With digital technologies being the norm comes social media being relevant, and with both of those things, the voices of influence sound more like our own.

Watch the viral video now if you haven’t!

The Evolution of Ocean Spray Cranberry Marketing

Flashback to 2006. It’s Thanksgiving morning. The smell of every favorite casserole, baked turkey, and Sister Schuber’s fill the air. The Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade is on TV. It cuts to commercial, and you see the two Ocean Spray cranberry growers wading waist-deep in the cranberry bog.

“Hi, we’re Ocean Spray cranberry growers,” they say, “and we all know our cranberry juice cocktail tastes real good.”

Over the next couple of years, we would grow to love (or despise, depending on how many times you saw the commercial) the Ocean Spray cranberry growers. They aimed to be funny and an image of realness. Something or someone most people could relate to in some way or another. We could only grow so close to the brand and their two-dimensional advertising.

Digital marketing adds another dimension to online advertising. Digital marketing assumes the responsibility of connection. There is an instant, in-depth story behind every digital marketing story because digital marketing is people-centric. At its core is the ability to be relatable

Unlike the Ocean Spray growers, we know Nathan Apodaca. At least, we feel like we do. At the very least, we wish we did. And knowing Apodaca feels plausible because it is.

Nathan Apodaca is a real, live, involved person who we can relate to. We see Apodaca skateboarding down the highway and think, “That breeze must feel nice. That Ocean Spray cranberry juice must taste good. I want to feel what this man is feeling. I want that.” You can see how this image, this feeling, runs deeper than traditional advertising. It appeals to the heart without trying.

Digital marketing plans are not effortless, but good digital marketing ideas often come effortlessly. Potential customers can feel when “effortless” is forced, so embracing the moment in marketing is so crucial.

Ocean Spray’s stock numbers doubled overnight following the attention of the skateboarding video (receiving over 30 million views.) The video gaining popularity may have been an accident, but how it was and will be used in marketing a product is not.

A TikTok Rebirth of a 70s Anthem

Meanwhile, another element of this video was causing Gen Z to initiate a resurgence. Two words: Fleetwood Mac.

Once upon a time, we wouldn’t have to explain to most people the beauty of Fleetwood Mac, but admittedly, Fleetwood Mac wasn’t at the top of every Gen Zers playlist. Now, it is.

“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac reached its personal highest streaming numbers ever following Apodaca’s TikTok video.

I am sure many parents in the past few weeks have uttered the words, “Where did you find this song?” as the voice of Stevie Nicks floated through their speakers. Some experiences are truly universal.

There is no better soundtrack for a feeling of freedom than Fleetwood Mac. We know that. Our parents know that. Our kids now know that. TikTok and Ocean Spray Cranberry have given us a shared love.

Though not intentional, “Dreams” soared to the top of the music charts. TikTok has been notorious for giving musicians a steady push. Think “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. That song was pushed further than imaginable by organic digital marketing.

Fleetwood Mac is having the same kind of moment, only for the second time, as people everywhere stream the song from the viral TikTok video, giving Fleetwood Mac a new life in the present day. That’s the power of technology.

Did anyone expect Fleetwood Mac, Pop Smoke, and Tame Impala all on the same 2020 Viral Hits playlist? Probably not. Yet, here we are. It’s not the most shocking thing of 2020 by a Landslide.

Cling to Authentic Marketing Effortstiktok-and-marketing

Nathan Apodocha radiates authenticity because he was authentic. Ocean Spray is flying off the shelf because people want to recreate the iconic TikTok moment. Even Stevie Nicks herself jumped on the trend with her roller skates as the sales for her 1978 hit soar for the first time in decades.

Digital marketing has the potential to revolutionize and revive. We’re seeing a lot of brands transition to a more authentic approach to content marketing.

Is authenticity a marketing tactic? No. It shouldn’t be.

However, authenticity is something to showcase. Letting people know who you are and what you believe is part of allowing potential customers to build strong bonds. Being able to connect with your audience on a level that is as down to earth as Nathan Apodacho sunkissed and skateboarding down the highway with some Cran-Ras is the ultimate goal.

How Gravity Junction Can Help with Your Digital Marketing Needs

Gravity Junction is a full-scale marketing agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We pride ourselves on the ability to realize the real. We love to keep things simple, keep things relevant, and keep things full of life. The power of connection is just one of our superpowers. Our team is equipped with some of the best from around the country, our offerings ranging from web development to social media marketing and everything in between. We are digital storytellers, social analysts, and overall a team excited to help businesses take their businesses Supanova.


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  1. Sharla

    No better song, with a true in the moment social post…who would have thought this reality captured longboard ride would captivate the world, but it did thanks to TikTok’s algorithms and user base!

    LOVE IT.


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