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Crush it in Your Network Marketing Business

From Amway, Shaklee, HerbaLife, LegalShield, and beyond…

If you were to ask those outside of the MLM industry, they would call those companies a pyramid scheme.


There is no more of a pyramid scheme than having a job, where you have to deal with office politics to move up the ladder, and where you are paid what the job is worth NOT what you are worth.  Plus there is no better definition of a pyramid scheme where the top people make all the money and the underlings can’t…yep, sounds like jobs are the pyramid schemes to me!

Any legal home-based business, gives any individual more of an equal playing field to generate income than any job one could ever be offered…were your sex, your education, and race still play a hand in what you can earn.

Not the case with network marketing AT ALL.

My family has made millions in the MLM arena and I’m more than proud of it.

This is one reason I specialize in Team Training Website Design.

Network Marketing Team Websites

The reason Network Marketing can help the average “Joe” make millions, is the same reason people buy franchises instead of starting their own company…

they are buying a SYSTEM.

Your MLM company may have a corporate site, they may even have a site for your to customize for recruiting & sales…where most fall short, is providing the individual team leaders a way to train their team online.

From getting your new recruit started, keeping them in the loop on specific team promotions and events, or showcasing some of your top performers, if you want to take your business up a notch, then having a Custom Team Website is the way to go.

“If it’s not leveraged, don’t do it.” J. Gardner

Team websites give you the leverage that’s really needed to grow a huge organization.

Paid & Promoted

It can be more than taxing to recruit someone into your business, the prospecting & follow up process usually isn’t a super short one.

Once you have recruited a new person in your business, I know it’s your goal to get them started right and QUICKLY.

On your custom team training site, this is made possible, basically instantly for each new recruit you bring on.

Expediting the process of your new recruit, getting them on your site, watching training videos, reading documents, watching power points, or whatever media, can get them into sales and recruiting mode right away!

This way if you recruit a superstar, who doesn’t even know how to spell the company name, can still go on a recruiting frenzy and as the team leader, you can know and feel confident that they are being properly trained on your team site!

THIS IS LEVERAGE beyond leverage.

Culture Building

“People may leave a business, but they won’t leave a family.” Unknown

I have personal friends in the network marketing arena, earning over $600,000 a year and culture building is what they have focused on since the beginning.

This ranges from promoting the hell out of their personal team events, that are outside of the corporate ones and doing as much team recognition as they possibly can.

“Recognition, Babies Cry for It and Grown Men Have Died for It” Unknown

Recognition of anyone on your team advancing in rank or hitting a benchmark in earnings is critical in this industry.

Your custom team site can feature, announce and highlight anyone you want to give recognition to…

Further locking your team into a culture that promotes, wherein the workforce this is rarely done and creates jealousy versus in network marketing where it inspires!

Gravity Junction Cares about your Business

As the C.E.O. of Gravity Junction, , I’ve personally had decades of experience in and around the network marketing industry. In fact, it was this industry that gave me the tools, experience, and the gumption to start my own company.

I’m dedicated to supporting the growth of your MLM team and get excited each time I complete a team training site.

I know how many lives can positively be impacted by this industry.