How Automation, Integrations, and SEO Massively Impacted Vee Culinary

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Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. Or, in the case of Chef Vedam Clementi, founder and head chef of Vee Culinary, those who can eat gluten do; those who can’t become a gluten-free chef, start a gluten-free cooking and catering company and change the lives of hundreds as a result.

Meet Our Favorite Gluten Free and Fabulous Chef

After suffering from health ailments for the majority of his adult life, Chef Vee sought the help of a naturopathic physician who recommended a gluten free diet. Chef Vee gave it a whirl, and within a month, the painful symptoms he had lived with for so long had dissipated.

Inspired by his new lease on life, Chef Vee began cooking gluten free meals for loved ones, sharing his recipes on social media, launched his career as a gluten free personal chef, and created a line of gluten-free flour and seasonings. (Chef Vee refused to give up bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, gravies, and sauces and believes you shouldn’t either).

While some chefs are on autopilot (chop, bake, saute, feed, clean, repeat), Chef Vee creates a culinary experience focused on both the physical and spiritual nourishment food offers, knowing each client is uniquely different from the next.

“I only cook gluten free meals and create gluten free products while holding an intention for taste, health, healing, peace, and love,” shares Chef Vee.

As a group of self-proclaimed foodies, the team at Gravity Junction couldn’t agree with Chef Vee’s philosophy more, and to say we were thrilled when we became Vee Culinary’s agency of record (AOR) would be an understatement.

While we haven’t been Chef Vee’s AOR for a long time, we’ve already made significant advances in helping Chef Vee automate his website, obtain new leads, and focus on what he loves doing most; making people happy through creating amazing meals.

Vee Culinary and Gravity Junction: The Numbers

When we first met Chef Vee, our CEO, Sharla, had taken him on as a consulting client, offering him business counsel, graphic design, and web design services.

After several years of working with Sharla in a limited capacity, Chef Vee realized his business could benefit from a more robust plan and enlisted the services of the entire Gravity Junction team. There were a couple of key things he wanted to improve on the digital front, including increased leads and the quality of his website. We are pleased to say that within our short tenure of working together, we have made great strides in achieving these things and then some.

We’re firm believers that numbers speak louder than words, and in this case, the numbers are shouting from the rooftops. We got to work and, within a month, achieved the following on the Vee Culinary website:

  • Gained more leads in one month than they had in the previous twelve months
  • Increased website traffic by 27%
  • Decreased the website’s bounce rate by 90%
  • Increased page views by 155%
  • Nearly doubled the amount of time people were looking at the website
    • The length of website visits increased from two minutes to almost four minutes

So, how did we achieve these results in such a short time frame?

Firstly, we have to admit that having an incredibly talented, charismatic, and helpful client makes our jobs easier.

Aside from that, we implemented integrations and automation that would save Chef Vee and his clients time, created a new website optimized for SEO, and implemented cohesive brandingchef-vedam throughout all facets of his business while still offering business consulting services.

Integrations And Automation

In the world of web development, incorporating seemingly small integrations and automation can make a massive difference when it comes to generating increased web traffic and boosting a business’s bottom line. The right integrations and automation allow small business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on what they’re passionate about instead of spending hours pushing papers and tracking down client information.

After speaking with Chef Vee and learning his struggles and frustrations, we implemented some integrations and automation to enhance his websites’ SEO and reduce the time he’d spend on administrative tasks.

By incorporating the WordPress Recipe Maker plugin, we were able to:

  1. Improve SEO and drive more visitors to the website
  2. Offer an incredibly practical tool for visitors looking for specific nutrition information

We also incorporated Zapier, utilizing it in several capacities, most notably for clients filling out food questionnaires. Previously, clients would have to fill out several forms, and Chef Vee would have to manually track down the results in various locations. Now when a client fills out a questionnaire, the data is automatically pushed to specific locations, sending notifications to both the client and Vee Culinary staff, saving both parties time and frustration.

SEO Optimization

Another change that has had incredible results was creating Chef Vee’s new website and moving the previously mentioned questionnaire from its previous home on Google to its new home on the Vee Culinary website.

Adding the questionnaire to the Vee Culinary website intrinsically increased Vee Culinary’s SEO value because clients are now spending more time on the website filling out the form. The way clients had been previously filling it out on Google offered no value or SEO benefits.

While we live in a world of constant innovation, there is something to be said for knowing and applying the fundamentals, especially when it comes to SEO.

Before working with the Gravity Junction team, the content on the Vee Culinary website was not optimized for SEO. While a majority of the words on the website stayed the same, the way copy was used in headlines, meta-data, and alt-tags, as well as the plug-ins that were added to the website made a world of difference, drastically improving the website’s SEO.

Cohesive Branding

cohesive brandingFrom the logos, colors, and tone of voice used on the Vee Culinary website to the vehicle magnets on the catering vans and everything in between, we’ve worked with Chef Vee to create a strong and cohesive brand felt throughout every facet of his business.

When it comes to creating a brand voice, it’s critical to learn the driving force behind your client’s ambitions. In this case, it’s obvious that Chef Vee wants to make incredible gluten free meals; however, his business encompasses so much more than that. Chef Vee wants to not only nourish his clients’ bodies but their souls as well, incorporating a deep spirituality into his work that goes beyond racks of lamb and glazed carrots. As his marketing agency, it’s Gravity Junction’s job to make sure his all-encompassing passion for spirituality and food is evident on his website, social media channels, marketing materials, and more.

What Sets Us Apart?

The greatest compliment a client can offer us is trust. Our team works incredibly hard to not only gain your trust but to keep it and strengthen it throughout our professional journey together.

One of the highest compliments we have received as of late came from Chef Vee expressing that, “We have not misled him once.”

This is our goal with every client. Our job as your marketing, software, and web development and design team is to provide you with the components your business needs to succeed, and support you every step of the way.

“I personally care about our clients’ success. When our client succeeds, we all succeed,” shares Sharla.

“One of the biggest advantages our team has is that we offer a one-stop-shop in a convenient package. If one of our writers needs to make an update to copy on a client website, they can shoot an instant message to our web developers who can make the suggested update in minutes. Had that same client contracted work from two separate marketing and web agencies, it could have taken hours or days to accomplish the same task,” continues Sharla.

Working With Gravity Junction

We are honored to work with Chef Vee, and we cannot wait to support him as his brand, mission, and passion continue to expand throughout northern Georgia and beyond.

If you could use a hand when it comes to improving your website’s SEO and utilizing game-changing integrations and automation, we’ve got you. Let’s chat today!


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